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Aunt helps nephew seduce his mother

All characters portrayed in this fictional story are over the age of eighteen years. This story includes unprotected sex between a mother and her son, with the intention of becoming pregnant. It does not include anal sex.

It was early June and a beautiful day. I had turned eighteen a few months ago and I was working hard to keep my grades up. It paid off as I received acceptances to both of the Universities I had shown interest in attending. One is located in a city near our home and the other, a State College, is located on the other side of the state. The closest one is my first choice but the State College would be far more affordable.

Relaxing on the couch deep in thought on how to earn some spending money for college, my thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. I heard Mom answer it in the kitchen and could tell by the conversation she was talking to her sister, Aunt Brenda. I went back to rehashing the various jobs I had done in the past to earn cash. After another few minutes, she called, “Mike, come here. I need to talk to you.”

Michael was my name but she normally called me Mike. It’s Michael if she’s more serious and wants my attention. My mom’s name is Beverly and Aunt Brenda calls her Bev or Sis. I’ve never called her anything but Mom. My mom has always made me address my aunt as Aunt Brenda, explaining it shows respect.

“Sure thing, Mom. I’ll be right there,” I replied and was curious as to what my aunt said to her to warrant wanting to talk to me. I went in and sat in a chair opposite my mom at the kitchen table as we always did for each meal. My parents divorced when I was less than a year old as my father didn’t want a family. Mom and her sister got along well and routinely talked on the phone, so I wasn’t surprised when she appeared happy after her talk with her.

“Mike, Brenda needs some jobs done on her property and was wondering if you’d be interested in earning some extra money for college. A landscaping service normally does the work but when we discussed your college expenses, she thought it’d be good to hire you instead.”

“Sure, Mom. Sounds great. I was thinking of ways of making some money this summer. When does she want me to start?”

“As soon as you can. She’s anxious to get things wrapped up before the heat of the summer arrives.”

“Great, I’ll get ready and head down. Thanks for helping out, Mom,” I replied as I was already getting up and heading to my room to get some work clothes on. The money I’d earn was nice but more importantly, working around my aunt was what I was looking forward to the most.

My aunt is thirty-six, three years younger than my mom and very cute. She has a great smile and a cheerful, vibrant attitude that is infectious when around her. She married right after college and her husband soon became the minister in town. They live in a large church provided manse located two blocks from us.

He hasn’t been around for several years traveling around the nation helping other churches implement various programs. His visits are rare and when he does, he spends all his time at the church. I’m not sure why she stays with him other than the fact his family is wealthy, so she lives in style and has an excess of funds to spend as she pleases.

I was more than happy to work for my aunt if nothing else to ogle her great body to add to my fantasy collection of her. She has always been flirty and touchy, hugging and tickling me whenever we were close. Although she is by herself most of the time, she has kept thin and in shape. She is one of the hotter women in town and even though my uncle isn’t much of a husband, she is pretty much untouchable because of her relationship to the church.

After saying goodbye to Mom, I headed down to my aunt’s house getting semi-hard at the thought of seeing Auntie. Although my mom insists I call her Aunt Brenda, I have always called her Auntie when we’re alone together. I knocked on the door and heard her footsteps before she opened the door to greet me.

“Mikey, so glad to see you. You’re turning into quite the young man!” exclaimed my beautiful aunt. My mom and aunt always called me Mikey when I was young. Mom had changed to calling me Mike as I got older but my aunt still called me Mikey. She immediately hugged me and tickled my sides as she has in the past. I took advantage of it this time and squirmed around, mashing her breasts against my chest. Finally releasing me, she grabbed my hand and led me over to her work area in the large living room.

“I’ve made up a list for you to do. It looks like it might take a couple of weeks depending on how fast you work,” she said as she handed me the assignments. She added, “I think instead of an hourly wage, I’d like to propose a set amount for the entire job. The normal service would charge a thousand dollars for this much work. Is that okay?”

I knew she was wealthy, but looking at the items to be done, this was a large sum of money for the small amount of work. I wasn’t going to complain as I needed the money.

“That’s great, Auntie. I’ll begin right away with the outside work.”

Most of the jobs listed were trimming bushes and garden bed maintenance. I went out and started down the list. After a couple of hours, my aunt came out to check on me. She was wearing some shorts showing off her perfectly toned legs and smooth skin. I couldn’t help but stare but tried not to be too obvious. She asked me to go inside to take an iced tea break with her. I agreed as I was pretty thirsty. It was terribly hot and I was thankful for a chance at getting out of the sun. My bonus was the opportunity to leer at my aunt’s legs as I closely followed her into her house.

We sat and talked while drinking our cold drinks. Her smile is always intoxicating and I was as happy sitting there talking to her as I was earlier, staring at her legs. She kept her hair short in a pixie style that framed her face perfectly. After I finished my drink, I told her I needed to get back out in order to do a couple more hours of work before going home for dinner.

She came out to inspect my work when I was ready to quit and was very pleased to see how much I had accomplished. She was disappointed when I told her I needed to go and suggested I stay and eat with her. She could also wash my clothes while we were eating, giving my mother a break while I was working. I told her Mom was expecting me but thanked her for the offer.

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