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Aunty Teaches Virgin Nephew – Part 1

This story is fantasy and never happened and is only written for the enjoyment of the readers.

Greetings ISS readers, the story will for the most part be written as a narrative since I am not an expert in writing good conversational English. Just a short background for the story, my parents have several very successful businesses in Dubai and are only able to come to Indian for short visits during the year.

My name is Raj and am 18 years of age, slender build, tan colour skin, and an average student attending school in Pune and staying with my mum’s sister Anita (I call her aunty) in Pune, aunties’ husband also works in Dubai for my parents business. Aunty, stays in Pune because she prefers the freedom of life in India as opposed to the Gulf countries and also manages the properties and farm land that our family owns. Aunty is attractive with long black hair and a sexy body to match. I am an only son and have always lived in Pune with aunty ever since I was a 2 years old. For me aunty is more like a mother to me and I have grown up with my cousin Prya who is also the same age as me.

Although we have a large house, we three have always slept in the same bedroom with Prya sleeping one side and me the other side of aunty I never really paid more attention to aunty’s looks until 3 years ago when I had gone to bed tired but had woken up after hearing the shower. I just lay in bed trying to sleep again when she entered the darkened bedroom and finished drying herself off and changed into underwear and nightie. I kept absolutely still and quiet while I secretly watched her from my side of the bed, my heart was beating faster and I felt excitement in my body hoping she would not catch me looking. Within a few minutes aunty was on the mattress and I was asleep.

After that incident I was always waiting the opportunity to secretly look at aunty, during the daytime she always wore a sari, and a low cut blouse that showed her generous cleavage, at night I always stayed awake to secretly get a look at her changing into her nighties.

At school I was the shy type and would listen to the senior students who say how easy it was to see the boobs of their mum or aunty or sister given the opportunity. For me this was a new experience and I wanted to see more, I was a late developer so my body was probably 2 years behind the normal, I knew this because after sports all the boys would shower together and the size of the senior boys dicks were maybe two times that of mine, in addition I had no facial or pubic hair on my body. I stilled looked like a youthful boy rather than a growing young man.

For me having aunty sleeping next to me became an exciting experience every night as my heart beat faster, one night aunty must have noticed that I was not sleeping and a little restless and she put her arm around me and asked me what the matter was.

Obviously she must have felt my heart beating faster as she cuddled me. I remained quiet pretending to sleep as her hand and fingers went under my nightshirt and caressed my chest in a warm, understanding and soothing way. My heart raced faster but I kept my eyes tightly closed and enjoyed her touch. My skin was smooth, soft and hairless and her hand rested on my stomach before moving slowly into my pyjama pants and finding my dick which was small and soft. Her gentle touch was amazing and my dick started to slowly become straighter and with more and more feeling.

I still pretended to sleep because I wanted my aunty to continue, I wanted to experience what she would do next. My dick was responding well to aunty’s touches and gradually she increased the movement of her hand and pulled the skin slowly up and down until my dick was hard. I could feel my balls tightening and I could not control myself any longer.

Suddenly, my dick and balls started to powerfully pump a hot fluid out on to aunty’s hand and pyjama, she continued moving her hand up and down my dick length and my body shook and as she did, more semen spurted out. I could not pretend any more to be sleeping and I started to make some noises and breathing heavily but I kept my eyes firmly closed. Aunty, just whispered to me to relax and sleep and that she was right there to take care of me. Her soft warm hand caressed my dick and balls throughout the night.

In the morning aunty woke very early as usual and prepared breakfast for Prya who had early classes that day. For me my classes started afternoon session so slept longer than usual. Around 9am aunty came into the room and called me to wake up and shower and asked me how I slept last night. I replied I slept well but I had a strange dream and did not understand what happened in dream because when I woke in the morning my pyjama pant was still wet and I feared I had pissed the bed. I did not admit to aunty that I knew exactly what had happened and how she had jacked me off last night.

Aunty sat next to me on the mattress and in silence started to feel my pyjama pant for wetness and soon found my dick which was becoming straight and hard. She smiled to herself as she started to play with my balls and stroke my dick in a firm but gentle way, I lay on my back and enjoyed her touch and said nothing. I could feel the pressure building up in my balls and within a few minutes the hot stream of creamy white exploded from my dick. Aunty continued to pump my dick as the orgasm emptied my balls and made me cry out in excitement.

Aunty looked at me and gently told me that she had been watching me closely for several months as I developed from a boy into a man, and wanted to help me and teach me what being a man was all about. Aunty whispered to me to go and start the shower and freshen up and that she would be in shortly to check on me. ……………If you want to read further stories of me, aunty and cousin Prya let me know.

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