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Babitaji ki Chudai from Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma

Science guru iyer tang ho chuka hai being teased by jethalal and despite of havin such a wife but not able to touch her he is in his lab discussing his problem wid his frens ‘aiyo hum kya karega ji my dear wife babita humko haath bhi nahi lagane deti aur wo jethalal bhi mere maje leta hai’ his one of frens asked but iyer humne kabhi tumhaari wife ko nahi dekha chalo aaj tumhaare ghar chalte hain isi bahaane gokuldham society bhi dekh lenge kya bolte ho???
Iyer: haan theek hai aaj chalenge hum
then they all go to iyers house
‘wow iyer kya society hai tumhaari gokuldham society ka jitna naam suna tha woh bhi kam hai’
iyer: haan woh toh hai chalo mere ghar c wing mein hai aao
after entering iyers house babita opened the door
iyer to all: yeh hai my dear wife babita aur babita yeh mere collegues hain
seeing babita they all had an immidiate errection
babita: hi aap sab plz have a seat i ll bring coffee
iyer says ki main change karke aata hun
as babita goes in kitchen all stared at her amazing ass swaying to and fro as she walks and said amongst each other. ‘Bhenchod dekh yaar iyer ki rand biwi kya tight gand hai aaaaahh babita aur boobs toh aur bhi mast aaj is iyer ki rand ko hum chodenge’
1 of them said main humaare lab se wo chemical laaya hun jisse iyer behosh ho jaayega aur phir is babita ko aaj gokuldham society ki rand banaayenge.
Babita came with 4 coffee mugs and one of them mixed the chemical in iyers coffee As soon as iyer came out of bathroom his frend gave him that coffee they had the coffee nd iyer was soon unconcious.they all tied him on a chair suddenly babita came and said ”yeh kya kar rahe ho aap,iyer !! Iyer!! Kya hua tumhe yeh sab kya hai??” they all started laughing one of them closed the door and said.” aaj to teri suhaagraat hogi raani hai tera badan mere lode mein aag laga raha hai aaj to pyaas bhuja de humaari”
babita started shouting one of them closed her mouth and tied babita with hands and one of them took the video camera and started to shoot one of them slowly removed babita’s tight jeans and as soon as he removed he saw blacj panty of hers and milky white thighs ”ohhhhhhhh maa ki laudi kya taangen hai is randi ki ” he started shagging his tool seeing her thighs aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh another guy came and said babita in ears ” dekh raani humse chudwaale nahi toh tera nude video net pe dal denge bol haan yaa hum **** karen??”
babita said ok haan plz be gentle plz.All of them said ”yes okk dnt wrry ab tu khud apna top nikal”
babita pulled off her pink top and yesssss all saw her black bra covering her big boobs nd also the big deep navel
all said chutiya iyer saala kya maal hai tu aur yeh raand ki aulaad tujhe haath bhi nahi laga paaaya
suddenly iyer woke up and said ”yeh kya ho raha hai??” respond was ”chup reh nahi toh teri biwi ka video humaare lab mein sabko dikha denge chup chaap aaj dekh kaise hum iss randi ko aaj chodte hain”
now the 3 men named rana,sahil and aman who all were blacks not gud lookin started disscussing among themselves and then decided sahil started the video and rana came and started touchin babita on her sholders boobs stomach wowwwwww he opened her tied hairs and she was lookin awesome coloured brown hair milky white body wid black bra panties now he kept his one hand on her boob and started kissing her pink lips his tounge exploring inside and now babita responded with her tounge and kept her hand on back of rana’s head and played wid his hair . Seeinh this aman went nd opend her bra and saw the size 36 8 wowwwww he threw the bra to sahil and sahil started smelling it and licked it then aman went to babita’s legs he licked her knee caps and licking he came on to her thighs.mean while iyer was seeing and he got erection and started njoyin sahil was shakin his lund and shooting the sceane babita was still kissing rana and rana was fondling her boobs she was moaning softly ”mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm ahmmmmmmm ahmmmmmmmmmmmm” rana’s one hand was on her right boob an on hand in her panty on ass he realised the kiss and saw babita in eyes she was breathing heavily her lips was wet and were shining as a lip gloss he said kya taste hai tera babita said nothing he slapped on her left ass ”slapppppppppp” babita xpression change in pain ”aaaaaaahhhhouchhhh” he smiled and she also smiled he again slapped ”pattttttttt” she again said ‘aaaahhhhhhhhhh’ and smiled again he started kiss and this time they were doing wildly aman was now lickin her inner thighs nd smelled her pussy and pressed his tumb on her pussy this made babita flow in panties and she moaned ”mmmmmmmmhhhh mmmmmhhh” aman laughed and he pulled her panties down andd threw on sahil.Sahil licked the wet panty of babita.Now rana started licking babita’s boobs and aman started smelling babita’s wet dripping cunt feeling aman’s breath babita kept her hand on aman’s head and pressed his head to her cunt aman inserted his tounge in her opening and started lapping her cunt moans were coming frm babita’s mouth ”ooooooohhhh maaaa khuuub bhaalo aaaahhhhhhh” she started biting her own lower lip and fell on bed. After 15 mins aman decided to fuk her.He stood up and saw iyer nd with a cruel smile said”iyer teri wife aaj asli randi banegi dekhta ja bas” he stood and opened his pants and shorts nd held his 7 inch black cock nd guided in babita’s wet cunt nd pushed hard babita moaned like a real whore ” maaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaahhhhhhh hmmmmmmm hmmmmm fuckkkkkk mmmmmm” now aman started fuk faster nd faster babita was njoying her boobs were bouncing she had her eyes half close a lil smile mixed with pain and pleasure she was in heaven.Now rana gave his cock in her mouth now babita was suckin rana’s cock and aman was fucking her nd crushing her boobs.Babita was now sucking rana’s cock like a lolipop and rana was about to cum he said”yes yes yes saali rand mera nikalne waala hai aaah aah aah aah aah yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
and he shot load of cum in babita’s mouth she drank all he was exhausted and he laid on bed aman was fucking her hard hard and hard now he was about to cum he said” le randi le randi leeeeeeeeeee aaahhhhh merra hone waala hai bol babita rand kahan daalun ??” Babita said ”andar hi daal do aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”
iyer said ”Babita yeh tum kya keh rahi ho??!!” babita replied ” shut up iyer aaaaaahhhh i aaaahhh i want aaahhh inside aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhh ” aman smiled at iyer and shot his cum in babita’s cunt ”yehhhhh llee randi aaahhh” he pulled his cock out and kept his cock in babita’s mouth babita licked it clean seeing this rana got up and started fucking babita again within next 5 mins he also shoted his thick cum in her cunt’Now aman took cam frm sahil and started to shoot sahil went on to babita’ he just kissed her lips sucked her boobs and took out his 7 inch cock and shove in babita a ghushing sound came of cum filled pussy of babita he fucked her and came in her pussy in 10 mins all 3 of them took turns by making her Rocky style and sahil layed under Babita sucking her boobs while rana was fucking her ass and aman made her suck his dick after this 3 hr session all of them into deep sleep as it was nyt 1 am iyer alos slept on chair where he was tied. Morning iyer got up early he saw thataman was sleeping and his lund was in Babita’s mouth, rana was sleeping and his lund was in her cunt, and sahil was hugging her and Babita’s boob was in his mouth.all of them got up after some time. All changed their clothes and thanked iyer.Babita was still in sleep so they covered her with bed sheet uptil her pussy and boobs but her thighs were xposed they gave 50 rs each to iyer saying” le iyer teri biwi randi hai uske paise hahahahahaha” and they went out iyer got up removed the bed sheet nd started licking babita’s pussy filled with cum he got aroused and fucked babita and shot his cum also in her pussy.Babita got up and went to bath as she stood her pussy started leaking the cum and the cum flowed her thighs she said ”iyer tumhaare doston ne jo kiya uske liye sorry” iyer said ”ohh babita i am srry” she said ”just forget every thing main rand hoon aur rahungi” iyer came nd slapped her on ass aa she went to bathroom and she said”ouchhhhh hahaha”
as all 3 were going out they saw Daya babhi talking to anjali babhi.and said aaahh kya randiyan hain dono.

iyers frends were too happy to fuk babitaaji now wen iyer was goin to his lab he was so ashamed of facing his friends so he asked babita ”Babita mai kya karun kaise jaaun” babita said ”jaao kuch nahi hoga iyer” iyer said ”mujhe bahut dar lag raha hai” then babita said ”ok iyer u call ur collegues here and go wid them frm here ” he said good idea now iyer called his 2 friends home they said ok and came to his house as soon as they came jethalal saw them and thought ”yeh babita ji ke ghar par kaun ja raha hai” and follwed them wen he reached he made himself hide behind curtains and saw babita came in sleveless blk top and blk jeans and those two came and said aahhh saali khada kar diya phir se 1 of them went and held her face and french kissed her seeing this jethalal came and slaped him on face seeing this other guy hold jethalal and slaped him and asked iyer madarchod yeh kaun hai babita said ”jethaji” iyer then said ”yeh toh jethalal hai babita ke peeche pada hua hai” listening to this jethalal saw babita surprisingly and babita smiled seeing all this iyers frens understood it all and tied jethalal and asked iyer ”agar hum teri biwi ko jethalal ke saamne thoken toh and u also come and fuk her ” iyer said ”haan yeh sahi hai ab jethalal se mera badla poora hoga”
now jethalal said nahiiii and nw iyer looked at jethalal and now they started undressing babita this time iyer removed her panty and started snifing it babita’s bra was thrown now iyers friend rana started biting babita’s boobs and suck them and sahil gave his 6 inch cock in her mouth jethalal cud only see babita and cud speak nothing iyer was sitting near jetha and shagging his cock and told him ”jethalal dekho ab tum kabhi babita ke aas paas bhi mat aana” jethalal replied ”iyer bhaaai tumhari maa ka bosda”
iyer brought camera and started shootin his wife session he was vry angry on jethalal,Meanwhile sahil was fucking babita very hard and rana was mouth fucking her sahil shouted ”bhen ki lodi rand babitaaa aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh” and cummed inside babita now rana came inside her mouth and babita sucked it all
they both were tired and went and sat near jethalal and told jethalal ”saale tu ispe line maarta hai humne toh direct iski chut marli haha” jethalal said ”haaaan bhaai mujhse hi galti hogayi,bapuji sahi kehte hain main babuchak hun” mean while iyer took his 7 inch cock in hand and told jethalal ”jethalal ab mera badla tumse lene ka time hai ab dekho main kya karta hun” he went near babita she was lying tired eyes closed he just shove his 7 inch cock in babita’s cum filled pussy and as his cock went in a squashing sound came and her pussy started leaking hot lava of sahil’s cum babita suddenly opened her eyes and said ”aaaaaahhhh ooo maaa iyer rascal ” iyer jst like a Rocky fucked her his 7 inch went deep inside and wid evry stroke cum came out frm her pussy she was shouting like a bitch ‘aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhhh’
iyers frends encouraged iyer ”bhenchod common iyerrrrrr” jetha saw babita’s face and yelled ” babitaji” then babita looked at him and yelled ”jethaji” this went on
iyers friends were stroking their cocks they came on babita’s body and bathed her with their cum iyer took his cock out and as he wanted to cum on babita too babita stopped him and said iyer ”no iyer i cant take ur cum,ek kaam karo jetha ji ke upar kao” iyer went and spilled his cum on jetha’s head and all laughed And jetha was jst looking down.after that iyer and his frieds went to office iyer said ”babita jaao u sleep and jetha lal tum aaj se babita ke aas paas bhi aaye toh babita ki blue flim sabko dikha denge yeh log samjhe ab jaao ghar hahaha” but wo jethalal ko kholna bhool gaye and went away now babita was lying in front of jetha lal with opend legs jethalal said”babitaji yeh galat hai mujhe bhi mauka milna chahiye” babita said”jethaji am very sorry but aap mere friend ho toh aapko kuch toh milega hi she opened her 1 hand to stroke cock and lied in front of him and started fingerin herself jetha was stroking his cock as babita reached her orgasm she squirted loads of her cum miced with her fuckers and her pisss on jethalal ” aaaaaahhhhh jethaaaaajiiiiii” jetha loved it and was about to cum he said babita ji main bhi aapke upar daalun babita said nahi jethaji aap meri panty ke andar daal do jetha said ok and yelled”babitajiiiiiii” and came in her panty now babita got up and opened jethalal and as she stood up jetha started makin her video frm his mobile and said ”aaj toh aap pari lagrahi hain but randi pari” babita laughed as she was standing her milky white body covered with thick cum was shining and cum was flowing from her chin frm boobs and navel hole and cum in her pussy was leaking frm thighs to toes she took her panty filled with jetha’s cum and told jethalal ”bye jethaji” jetha looked her walkin in her bathroom saw her swinging ass stoped his recording and went to his dukan.

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