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Baby-sitters Delight: Joyce

Joyce Silverman ran out the door of the office building where she worked as an executive assistant, fearful she might miss her bus home and be late for dinner. Her long black hair streamed out behind her as she ran down the block. Reaching the bus stop with a couple minutes to spare, she stopped to catch her breath. As her breath returned, she caught sight of herself in the plastic side of the bus shelter. Staring back at her was a woman that could have been any other normal working single mother. The skin on her face was smooth, clear and firm. A fact she was proud of, as it made her look much younger than the forty years of age she was. The eyes that stared back with large and brown, what many would call doe eyes. They were bright and clear, unless one looked very closely and saw the weariness behind them.
How did it come to this? She thought to her reflection. Six months ago I had my own car, my independence and a healthy bank account.
You know how this happened. You wanted it to happen. Her reflection answered back with a small smile.
Yes, I did, but I never dreamed it would go this far, but this all encompassing. She looked at how she was dressed in her reflection. Her skirt was just a couple of inches too short to be proper for the office, but not short enough to draw comment. The same with the heels she wore, just a little too high to be working in all day, but not so high to be noticeable. Most of all she was aware of what she was wearing, or not wearing under her clothes. Her half-cup bra lifted her firm 36B breasts, but left the nipples bare to poke thru the silk of her blouse. Only silk tops for her, to stimulate her nipples and keep them stiff. Under her skirt she was bare, other than shoes, she was only allowed only article of clothing below her waist.
The bus came to a halt at the corner, the hiss of its airbreaks snapping her out of her thoughts. She entered the bus and paid her fare with the last two dollars in her purse. She found a seat near the front, and sat down with a heavy sigh, her mind going back to the events of six months ago.
She had just divorced her abusive alcoholic husband of 15 years and moved away to find a new life for her and her thirteen year old daughter. She found a two bedroom house in a nice suburban neighborhood, full of families. There was a good school nearby that came highly recommended by the neighbors. It would be a prefect restart to their life she thought. That was until the day she met Allison, her neighbor’s sixteen year old daughter and her world was turned upside down.
They had just arrived at their new house and were moving boxes in when she first saw Allison. Joyce had just grabbed a couple of boxes out of the truck and turned around when she caught sight of the young beauty standing on the lawn next door. Joyce noticed right away the cut off shorts the girl wore, and how they showed off her long, firm and tanned legs. The girl’s T-shirt was tight and Joyce could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, the girls nipples were visibly making small tents in the shirt. The girl smiled at Joyce, her brilliant white teeth standing out in contrast to the golden tan of her face. Joyce knew right away she was in love, well, more like lust.
Joyce had always harbored a secret attraction for teen girls. She loved their smooth firm skin, the fresh scent of their bodies and their sweet innocence. Most of all was the lure of such forbidden fruit. It was a desire she never acted on, not wanting to risk losing her daughter or going to jail. She did enjoy going to the mall or the beach and secretly checking them out, but that was as far as she went. She also had a large collection of stories and pictures she had downloaded off the Internet to help curb her desire to act out her fantasies.
“Hi!” The girl said cheerily as she approached Joyce, her shoulder length blond hair glowing in the warm sun. “I’m Allison, I guess you’re our new neighbors huh?”
“Hello Allison” Joyce dropped her eyes as she spoke. There was something about this girl’s presence that was intimidating. The boxes in her arms were starting to become heavy and she started to turn to put them back down in the truck “Yes, I guess we are. I’m Joyce and my daughter Elizabeth is around her someplace,”
” You have a daughter? Cool! How old she is?” Allison moved to block Joyce from putting the boxes down in the truck. She smiled in a friendly way. but Joyce could have sworn there was a hint of a darker intent behind it.
“Liz is thirteen” Joyce gave a nod towards the house “There she is now.”
They both turned to look as a young girl came running out of the front door. Her skinny legs flashing under the loose summer dress that flapped around them as she ran towards them. She looked much like her mother, long black hair and just a hint of her hips starting to fill out into womanhood. She ran up to the both of them.
“I love this house Mom!” she turned to Allison “HI! I am Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Liz, you can call me Liz too. who are you?” She said in a breathless rush.
“Hello Liz, I am Allison, a pleasure to met you and your mother.” She said with a smile.
Joyce turned and handed the boxes to Liz. “Here honey, take these inside. They go in the kitchen.” She turned back around, pushing a loose strand of hair out of her face, to find Allison had moved to stand very close to her. They both stood silently and watch the younger girl go back into the house, then Allison turned to face Joyce.
Allison looked deep into Joyce’s eyes and smiled again “You know Joyce, if you ever need a night out I would love to baby-sit for you, or just come over and hang out with you and Liz.” As she spoke Allison ran a fingernail lightly down the side of Joyce’s arm, sending shivers thru the older woman’s entire body. The fresh scent of strawberries hung in the air around the girl, clouding Joyce’s mind. “Well, I should get back home, but I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of each.” She gave Joyce a sly wink and walked slowly back towards her house. Joyce watched her walk away, admiring the teen’s bottom in the tight shorts. As she reached the door of her house, Allison turned towards Joyce and blew her a kiss, then disappeared inside. Joyce knew, in the pit of her stomach, this girl was going to be trouble for her.
The next couple of weeks passed in relative quiet for Joyce and Elizabeth. They spent their time unpacking and settling into their new house. Joyce started to find her way around at her new job and was making friends there quickly. Since it was summer, Allison had offered to hang out of Elizabeth during the day while Joyce was at work. Joyce was happy to Elizabeth wouldn’t be home all day by herself and had made a new friend.
Many evenings, as Joyce would be getting home from work, her teen neighbor would be out in her yard. It seemed that girl would purposely time it to be emerging from the house just as Joyce arrived home. Allison would usually be dressed in cut off shorts that showed a hint of the bottom of her butt and a small bikini top. On most occasions, the girl would approach the car and plant herself in Joyce’s way and block her from moving towards the house. Often the girl would stand very close while talking to Joyce and would frequently touch her older neighbor on the arm or shoulder. When Joyce would try to move away, the teen would move to block her again. At times, she suspected that the girl might have been flirting with her, but thought that was too much to hope for. It made Joyce a little nervous to be around the girl, not sure she could continue to fight her own growing desire. Nonetheless, thoughts of the girl would fuel her late night masturbation sessions.
At the end of her second week one of her coworkers invited Joyce to join a group of ladies from work for a girls night out. Joyce didn’t accept right away, but said she would have to see if she could arrange for a baby-sitter first. That evening, when she got home, she once again found Allison outside laying in a lounge chair sunning herself. Today she was wearing a tiny bikini bottom that barely covered her sex, and a top that was nothing more then some string and a couple of triangles of cloth covering her nipples, leaving most of her young breasts bare. Joyce remained in her car for a few minutes, unsure she would be able to control herself around this girl while she was dressed like that.
She finally screwed up her courage and got out of the car and waved to the young girl “Hey Allison, can you come here for a minute?”
Allison stood from the chair “Sure thing Ms. Silverman.” She jogged over to Joyce, her pert breasts barely staying in her small top.
Lord help me Thought Joyce as she watch the girl jog over to her. What I wouldn’t give for the string on that top to break.
“Something you need?” Asked Allison, standing in front of the older woman, her legs slightly parted, hands on her hips.
Oh yes there is, but I can’t have it Said the voice in Joyce’s head as she eyed the girl. “Yes, I was wondering if you would be available to baby-sit tomorrow night for me. Some girls from work are going out and invited me along”
“Sure! That would be no problem, I really had no plans anyway” replied Allison. She took a step closer, her thinly covered breasts lightly brushing along the older woman’s arm “Maybe, if you aren’t too tired when you get home, you and I can get to know one another better too.”
Joyce felt herself blush at the contact of the girls breasts on her arm “Y-yes, that might be nice.”
“OK, super!” Allison leaned in a planted a small quick kiss on her cheek “See you tomorrow then” She turned and walked slowly back to her own house. Joyce remained where she was, her hand on her cheek. Did she just kiss me?
That night was a near sleepless one for Joyce, visions of Allison in that tiny bikini floating thru her head, her cheek still burned where the girl had kissed it. She masturbated to several orgasms, all to the thoughts of her little teen neighbor girl.
The doorbell ring promptly at 7 P.M. the next night, just as Joyce was putting the finishing touches on her makeup. She came down the stairs a few minutes later to find Liz and Allison standing in the front hallway, talking about some TV show they had both watched the previous evening. She stopped when she saw Allison was in a short skirt, one that barely went past her bottom, and a thin T-shirt, The visibility of her nipples proving that she wasn’t wearing a bra.
“Wow! Mom, you look gorgeous!” Liz said when she saw her mother standing at the bottom of the stairs.
“Yeah, Ms Silverman you look hot.” Allison was eyeing her up and down. She raised her eyes to look directly into Joyce’s and gave her lips a very subtle little lick with the tip of her tongue.
Joyce blushed a little at this comment, and the sight of the tip of the girl’s pink tongue.”Thank you girls. Allison I don’t know what time I will be home, but Liz goes to bed at 11. There are snacks and drinks in the fridge.”
“Mom! It’s summer and besides its the weekend, why do I have to go to bed at 11?” Liz whined.
“Because… “Joyce was startled to distraction by the sight of what Allison was doing behind Liz. The girl was slowly licking her finger and lightly running it over her nipples that were showing clearly thru her shirt. Joyce struggled to not stare or let her daughter notice what she was looking at. Allison locked eyes with Joyce, licked her lips and smiled. It was a smile that said I know you want this. She was sure now this girl was trying her best to seduce her, and knew that it was working. That thought filled her with an equal mix of fear and excitement. With great effort she was finally able to tear her eyes off the teen beauty and turned to her daughter. “Because that is your bedtime, you know that. OK girls have fun and don’t cause any trouble!” With that, Joyce headed out the door.
Joyce spent the next several hours in a mental fog, not really paying any attention to what her coworkers were talking about over their drinks. Her thoughts were filled with images of Allison in various modes of dress and, to her shame and excitement, undress. Finally around 12:30, she told her coworkers she was going to call it a night, claiming to be tired and needing to get her baby-sitter home. Pulling her car out of the parking lot, she turned to take the long way home in an attempt to give herself some time to calm down. As she drove slowly home, her thoughts were solely of Allison and the things she wanted to have the girl to do her. She felt her panties getting moist with the hope that tonight would be the night her fantasy would come true. She finally admitted to herself, with some fear and even more excitement, she would eventually give in to the young temptresses flirtations. She pulled into the drive way of her home and shut the car off. Sitting there quietly in the dark car for a few moments, she thought over what she was about to do. She screwed up her courage to face what ever maybe waiting for her in the house and walked up to the front door and with a deep breath, opened it.
She stood in the front entry way, softly closing the door behind her. The hallway was softly lit by a light from the living room and she could hear the TV playing quietly. Standing there, her hand still on the doorknob, she didn’t know whether to be afraid or excited that Allison might still be up. She took off her coat, hung up it and walked into the living room.
She stopped in sudden shock and horror when she saw what was playing on the TV. On the screen, in living color, was herself, naked and tied to the bed, her ass was thrust up and a very rosy red. She immediately recognized the scene from a time she had been cheating on her husband with a younger secretary from work. That girl had turned out to have a very kinky and sadistic streak and it had turned Joyce on to be tied down and spanked and used however the girl wanted to use her. The volume on the TV was down but she could hear her imagine on the screen begging to be taken in the ass hard and calling herself all sorts of filthy names. As the full impact of what she was seeing hit her a small gasp escaped from her. which drew the attention of Allison, whose back had been to her.
Allison looked over her shoulder and saw her older neighbor standing in the doorway. She smiled and grabbed the remote to shut the TV off as she stood from the couch. She walked with a slow confident air over to Joyce and stood in front of her.”Some very interesting home movies you have Ms. Silverman”
“Where? How?” Joyce was too stunned to speak. She knew that an even darker secret of hers exposed. Ever since that tryst with the young secretary, Joyce was not only attracted to younger girls, she also dreamed of being dominated by them. In the deepest darkest corners of her mind she fantasized about being slapped, called names, and kneeling at the feet of a beautiful teen girl.
“Well, you see, Liz went to bed a little early, and I was bored. So I used your computer to check my email. Well, that didn’t take very long, so feeling very wicked, I decided to do a little snooping to see what you might have on there.” Allison reached out and gently lifted Joyce’s head by the chin so they were looking into each others eyes. ” You know what I found? A whole bunch of stories. Dirty, naughty stories of older women doing all sorts of dirty and nasty things to please younger girls. Some of them even a little underage.” Allison leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on the older woman’s lips. She continued to kiss her way slowly and softly up the side of Joyce’s face to her ear, where the young girl whispered “I read one or two of them and they made me hot.” The last word coming out in a breathless whisper. She raised one hand to grasp the older mother’s breast and started to squeeze it while rubbing up and down over the protruding nipple.
Joyce was in too much of a daze to speak. She tried, she opened her mouth but no sound come out. Allison’s hand on her breast was sending electric shocks straight through her body to her loins. At that moment she was ready to drop to her knees and do anything this young tormentor asked of her. Suddenly the hand left her breast and traveled light down her side and over her stomach. Pausing only long enough to unsnap and unzip her pants before it continued into them. Joyce knew she should stop this, that it was wrong from many reasons, but she her body had taken over and she slowly spread her legs to allow that hand easier access to her nether regions. A fingertip come to rest lightly on her clit and she let out a small moan.
“Please. Don’t.” Come out of her in a small whisper.
Allison only giggled at her whispered plea. “I was hot and needed to get off, so I went looking through your dresser, to see if you have any toys I could use. Well, imagine my surprise when I found this little home movie of yours.” As she spoke, the tip of her middle finger was slowly moving in small, light circles over the tip of the older woman’s clit.
“Please. Don’t” Joyce whispered again, even weaker this time. Her hand came up to grab the wrist of her tormentor. In her she mind wasn’t clear if she was attempting to pull the hand away or tighter into her.
“But Ms. Silverman, you seem to be enjoying this.” Allison’s finger pressed against the clit harder as it started to rub it faster.
“Please.” Her grip tightened on the wrist she held as she began to pant from the attention her clit was getting “Don’t”
“Don’t?” OK.” Allison said with a wicked smile and pulled her fingers out of the desperate woman’s pants. She held them up in front of Joyce’s face where they both could see how they glistened with wetness. She slowly slid the finger into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked on it. Releasing the finger from her mouth with a pop, she smiled at the cowering woman in front of her. “Ms. Silverman, you taste simply delicious.”
Joyce could only moan in despair. She glanced quickly at the stairs, desperately hoping Liz wouldn’t wake up and interrupt this fulfillment of her fantasies. She stared into the ice blue eyes of the young teen blonde in front of her, wanting to feel those fingers on her again. This young girl has so quickly drove to the heart of everything she had dreamed of that she knew she would never be able to resist. She wanted to say something but at the moment words failed her and all she could squeak out was a feeble “Please.”
Allison smiled and raised her hand to gently stroke the side of the face of the dark haired woman in front of her. With a sudden movement she turned and walked back across the room where she quickly ejected the DVD she had been watching and slide it into her purse. ” I think I am going to keep this and watch the rest of it later.” She gave one breast a quick squeeze as she walked past Joyce to the front door. As she opened the door she looked back and said “I will be home all day tomorrow. If you want to continue, you know where I am.” With that, she walked out the door.
Joyce heard the front door close with a soft click and fell to the floor. She curled up in a fetal position and burst into tears as her fingers worked furiously in her crotch.

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