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Baccha hone ke baad choot dhili hone par maine pati ke lund ke liye apni behan ki kacchi choot aur gand ka jugad kiya

My hubby very handsome (39 years, 5’8″+, very strong built). Since beginning he is a very, very sexy. He always like to have sex with me all the time whether i am in mood or not. He says life comes only once then why not enjoy each and every moment beautifully so that in the last stage of life nothing lefts unenjoined. I
know jamil since before marriage and i was attracted by him due to his handsome personality, his choices and talking style. In fact all the bachelor girls from my distance relatives like him very much. Before my marriage many one approached to jamil’s family for their daughter’s marriage with jamil but this was god master plan that i got married with him.

Just before marriage when our engagement was done the jamil’s sexy letter started to come through one of my distance sister shakeela. That time she was around 22-23 years, 34/24/34, wheatish color, attractive and very talkative. At the time of marriage i was just 19 years old. Since my school days i was one of the smart looking girl in the school and while i took admission in college people who saw me started to send their marriage proposal through someone to me or to my family. Many marriage proposal came from other caste too. Jamil kept sending sexy letters through shakeela. I was experiencing those jamil’s sexy words first time in my life. Because my mother was very, very strict that is why i used to read those letters in toilet. Jamil’s letter was always 4-5 pages written in hindi which generally takes 30-40 minutes to read. After reading those letters my excitement reaches to sky and all the time i feel like to urinate because jamil always write me that after marriage how he is going to fuck me and due to his tall and muscular personality i always nervous on just imaging his lund and his strong built big hip.

While returning to jamil’s home after marriage he told me in my ear that today be ready for sex and after listening these words i start feel like to faint and urinate. Somehow night came and jamil entered in my room and immediately bolted the door from inside and quickly come up on the bed where i was folded myself inside the quilt. He took out the quilt and told me, “why you are wearing this gold and this much dress. Now its role finished. Take it out, i want to see you without all these.” but i was lying as it is on closing my eyes. After a moment while there was no movement from my side, he himself start taking out my ear-rings, nose-ring, and other jewelry items and keep requesting me to get up and seat down. Few of my jewelry which was attached to my hair he could not take out because of my hair was jumbled in and around that jewelry, but kept on trying to take out. When he could not take out then i got up and helped him to take all the jewelry out. I was smiling on seeing jamil becoming impatient.

After taking all the jewelry out he start taking out my clothes and within a minute he made me full naked. I was seating full naked in front of him and i was smiling on seeing his eye became bigger on watching my naked virgin body. First of all he kept his hand on my boobs and told me you really beautiful and your boob is tight and well shaped. In no moment he took out his clothes. His erected 6″+ lund was in full erection but that time he himself was inexperienced that time and confused from where to start. Though i was very familiar about jamil and his habits that is why soon my nervousness got out. He started kissing my lips, sucking my nipples and helped me to lay down on bed so that he can see the glance of my choot. He kept on seeing my choot for so many minutes and then started his hand move on it slowly. Soon i start feeling excitement and start cooperating him. In fact myself was becoming impatient to have sex with jamil quickly.

After a while jamil rided on my body on adjusting his lund on my choot’s opening and he start kissing me badly. Both of us was inexperienced that time so we do not have idea how to get the lund in maximum. Without widening my legs he was trying to fuck me and after trying for few minutes his lund got the way to enter and he made a jerk and part of his cock got entered and a sound, “ooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeee,” came out from my mouth. Without wasting time he made another jerk and some more of his lund could nailed in my choot. Due to wrong position there was no more provision to nailed his total lund in my choot. Anyway he start giving stroke and soon watery white liquid start coming out from my choot and jamil was busy in fucking my choot and kept on licking my lips. After few minutes jamil exploded in my choot which was great fall and gave me great feelings. This was my first experience of having sexual intercourse.

After fall jamil lay down beside me and start controlling his fast breath. We soon slept but after one hour jamil again got up and rided on my body and fucked me till explosion and again he lay down beside me and slept. In suhaag raat jamil fucked me seven times in different time gaps. After suhaag raat jamil kept on fucking me 4-5 times daily. After one week we made a plan for kathmandu (nepal) for honeymoon to enjoy more. After reaching there we checked in a hotel and just after getting in the room jamil made me naked and start fucking me with his great hungry lund. By this time jamil has developed some idea how fuck so that total of his lund can go inside my choot. Those honeymoon days i enjoyed too much.

Time kept on running and within a year i gave birth to a daughter by normal delivery. After birth of child by normal delivery jamil told me that her choot is now less tight than earlier and giving less pleasure while fucking. But that makes no difference in our love but i started thinking for jamil that how to give him more and more pleasure. I took advised from one lady doctor about tightnesss of my choot then doctor suggested me that if i want then she can do one minor operation of my choot and afterwards that will become tighter like as virgin. But jamil told me no need for the same he is satisfied.

During these our marriage days i felt that jamil is very very sexy and one lady can not fulfill his fucking desires. I found jamil started watching girls/other’s wife curiously while going on road and he also start discussing with me about figures of other’s wife and other girls. This gave me a great idea that why not arrange other lady or girl for him to fuck and i start looking for the right candidate. One day while i was thinking about the same then shakeela, my distance sister, came in my mind who used to bring sexy letters of jamil before marriage. She was still bachelor and i know that she likes jamil very much. Her parents also tried for her marriage with jamil but luck did not favoured her. One day on meeting with shakeela i asked her during talk about jamil that is she still likes her? She quickly replied tell me who do not like him? That is good answer, it means she is still liking jamil. Then i talked straight way that i can spare him for you for one day if she likes. First she saw me on my face and then asked when then i replied whenever she wants then she told me ok keep this program tomorrow because tomorrow is sunday on meeting purpose she will come to your house and whole day she will be property of jamil.

In that night i talked to jamil regarding shakeela. Jamil told me that what is the need nazia for doing all these? I replied dear you married me and now this is my responsibility to give you best sex pleasure either from my body or arranging somebody other else. Lastly it finalised that jamil will enjoy with shakeela in front of me. That’s final. Next morning by 9 o’clock shakeela came to our house. We were also ready to receive her to play the game. After wishing and all shakeela sat down nearby my sofa. I felt shakeela a bit nervousness on her face. Nazia was also seating beside me keep on chatting and chatting. Then i start the first move and told shakeela that “appi jaan, do not waste your time and enjoy with jamil. I have given him to you for this day.” on making her face down shakeela was laughing but not making any movement.

Jamil was seating in turban and banyan and watching our boths activity. I got up and asked shakeela to stand up before she thinks anything i opened her salwar’s nari and in no time her salwar dropped down from her hip and her naked legs start visible but her choot and thigh was hiding under kameez. I lifted the kameez to show her virgin choot to jamil. Jamil then quickly removed his turban and on becoming naked seated on sofa again and called shakeela nearby between his leg and asked her to suck her lund. Myself pushed shakeela from back and made her seat her on the ground between jamil’s legs and i helped her hand to hold jamil’s lund. First for few moments shakeela felt nervous but slowly she started to make her hand movement on jamil’s lund. She was seeing jamil’s lund very carefully and enjoying his hot and hard lund in her hand and on moving her hand on it she was pleasing herself. After few moments she took jamil’s lund in her mouth and start shaking her head up and down. Jamil seating on sofa closing his eye enjoying shakeela’s sucking. Shakeela was trying to take total of his lund in her mouth but lund was too big and thick to enter whole in her mouth. She was sucking jamil’s lund with faster pace movement of her head. Seating back of shakeela i was twisting her boob’s nipple for her excitement. Holding jamil’s lund by one hand she was busy in sucking and sucking harder and harder and soon i saw jamil’s legs getting tightening and i felt that he is going to explode and before shakeela could realise anything jamil exploded in her mouth. She drank all his cum and start licking cum which was spreaded here there.

After few moments jamil’s lund start shrunking. Shakeela got up and sat down nearby sofa and start taking some relax. Shakeela thanked to me for giving this chance and asked her what next? Jamil told, “your choot.” shakeela told me, first they will go for fucking and she watch first and afterwards jamil will fuck me. I agreed and asked jamil to take out his banyan first and become naked. I also quickly took out my cloth and jamil helped me to take out my clothes. Soon we both were naked before shakeela and seating nearby she was watching us very curiously. I sat down on sofa and widening my leg i asked jamil to fuck. Jamil asked shakeela to suck his lund to erect. Shakeela quickly came and start sucking jamil’s lund and in no time jamil’s lund become erected and become hard like iron rod. Afterwards jamil came in between my legs adjusted his position and kept his lund’s head on my choot and gave great jerk and in one jerk his whole lund vanishes in my choot. Deep and out of control sound came out from mouth, “oooooeeeeeeeee mmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” after a while he start shaking on moving his hip to and fro. On closing my eyes i started enjoying jamil’s lund and on every thrust sound was coming out from my mouth, “ooooooeeee aaaahhhh ooooooeeee aaaaaahhhhhh ooooooeeeeee aaahhhhh.”

Shakeela was watching all this on seating nearby. Soon i cummed and white watery liquid started to come out from my choot. Jamil took out his lund and asked sahkeela on taking out all her clothes to come on nazia’s place and take the position. She quickly followed the instruction and took her position. I caught the legs of shakeela tightly from the back of sofa on widening her legs and asked jamil to fuck her. Jamil quickly took the position and keeping his lund on virgin choot’s opening gave great thrust and half of his lund vanishes in shakeela’s choot. Shakeela cried, “oooooo ooooeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee mmmmmm mmaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaam mmmm maaaaaa aarrrrrrrrrrrr ggggggggaaa aaaaayyyyyy yyeeeeee eeeeeee.” but without caring his cry jamil gave another great jerk and nailed his total lund in her choot. Shakeela kept crying but jamil start giving stroke one after another on nailing his lund total in each and every stroke. Apart from giving thrust he also started using dirty language about shakeela. “saali ab tak kahan thi tera kasa choot etna deen se bekar para tha pahle kyon nahin ayee main to kasa boor chodene ke liye taras gaya tha (where were you till today with this tight choot. Till today it was lying useless. I was thirsty to fuck tight choot since last many months).” shakeela started crying and telling why you have not informed me earlier. She told afterwards though i got married with nazia but still she likes you and wanted to share sex since long.

Jamil was busy in giving thrust i was holding shakeela legs and shakeela was keep saying< “aur chodo khoob chodo khoob chodo meri pyas bujha do aur apni pyas bujhalo (fuck me more and more and satified me and yourself).” jamil was speedly giving thrust and enjoying. Sign was great satisfaction was looking on jamil’s face. Soon shakeela cummed and afterwards jamil exploded in shakeela’s choot. Staying in that position for few moments jamil took out his lund and sat down on sofa nearby start adjusting his fast breadth. I freed the legs of shakeela and seating on the same place she was trying to adjust her breadth. I too sat down nearby sofa and start taking rest.

After taking rest for 30-40 minutes myself went in the kitchen and arrange to drink milk shake and juices. After taking milk shake and juice shakeela asked what next? Jamil told your ass. She told you whatever you want you go for that she will never mind. Jamil asked for this on bed. Jamil asked shakeela to suck her lund to erect again. Shakeela did this and soon jamil’s lund took the position. I asked shakeela to lay down on bed on making her face towards roof and on seating down torads her head i lifted both of her leg and pulled up towards her head so that her hip lift up maximum so that her ass came up in the position. When shakeela’s hip was lifted maximum then jamil put a pillow in the back of her hip to make the position remained as it is. Jamil told me to take out few amount of saliva from my mouth and apply on his lund to make it smoother while fucking her ass. I quickly did that and afterwards jamil adjusted his cock on the opening of ass of shakeela.

After adjusting his position he gave great jerk but ass hole was so tight that only a inch of lund could enter. Shakeela told “ooooeeeeeeeeee.” giving great pain but without caring jamil gave another jerk and nailed his cock half. Shakeela start screaming, “oooooeeeeee mmmmaaaa aaaaaa mm maaaarr rrrrr gggg gggggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaayyyyyyy yyyyyyeee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee ooooo oooooee eeeeeeeee mmmmm mmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa.” but without caring her screaming jamil gave another thrust and nailed his total of lund. After taking some breath he started to give thrust. Shakeela was screaming and started to use all the dirty language like as “sale ne mar diya mera gand phar diya harami sala chodu mera gand ko mar diya,” etc., etc. Jamil was busy in fucking her ass without caring her language. Jamil was seeing me and smiling me giving me thanks that due to me only this union become possible. After a while jamil exploded in her ass and then we both released her to take rest on bed. Still shakeela was using all the dirty language.

After taking rest for an hour we all got up and took bath and putting our clothes back we sat down on sofa. Sign was great satisfaction was there on the face of all of us. Shakeela gave thanks to me for giving this chance to me. After taking rest for further hours shakeela adjusted her pain so that she can walk properly normal so that no one can identify about her fuck and afterwards on giving thanks to both of us she returned back. Jamil gave thanks to me and kissed me for top to bottom for arranging this group sex.

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