Monday , January 30 2023

Bathroom solo

Work had been especially stressful and tiring and she
was eagerly awaiting the chance to relax and unwind.
When she finally left the office it was almost dark.
The moon was full and stars lit the sky. It was warm
and a gentle breeze caressed her face as she walked
across the parking lot. She could already feel the
weight being lifted off her shoulders.

She drove home slowly, thinking about how she would
spend the evening. It would be the first in a long time
without Jake around. He had gone away on business and
she was welcoming the chance to ‘rediscover’ herself!

She let herself into the empty house, dropped her
briefcase and kicked off her sandals. She rarely wore
shoes in the house and would be quite happy without
them at all. She piled up the mail to look at
later there were more important matters to attend to

She poured a glass of wine, put on some relaxing music
and headed for the bathroom, taking off her suit jacket
and jewelry on the way. Once there, she picked out a
favorite bath scent, dropped it into the Jacuzzi and
turned on the water. By then she was down to her
underwear. She removed her bra it felt so good to
release her breasts from the confinement.

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