Thursday , June 1 2023

Battle of wits with landlord & his sexy tenants – Indian Landlord vs The Tenant Girl

To find an apartment for rent for two single ladies is now officially categorized as herculean task. I had lost count of a number of houses that I and my friend, Neha had visited over the past 6 days.

The mobile numbers of brokers filled up my contact list every time we explained the house owner that it is not a family, but only two 22 year old unmarried ladies, who are going to move in. He would slowly call the broker to one side of the room and start whispering.

We immediately knew that even this house is gone for a toss. Spinsters are considered as evil witches who cast spells on men and bring them home and do nasty godforsaken things with them. That’s the rumour that these species called house owners heard as their bedtime stories when they were kids.

We tried to politely explain to him that we have got a job here and we work for a well-known MNC as software developers. We further explained that will pay rent on time and cause no havoc in whatever little time we get to spend at home after the company sucks out our life each day. But it fell on deaf ears.

We were given 7 days of free accommodation in the company sponsored hotel and we were running out of time. Staying in PG for women seemed to be our only hope. We did not like it one bit. Madiha”! Neha called out loud. She was furiously searching for houses for rent in Sulekha.

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