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Beggar Fucks The my Sexy Wife

This is fantasy which is very sexy
and wishing to come true. I am
explaining the story from my
husband’s point of view. My wife & I
like social services to offer. I’m 30
yrs and she is 28 yrs housewife we
decided to do some social service on
one night it was winter night 8 pm.
we were near railway station we saw
one beggar lying on footpath.
He was feeling bit cold as he was
not having proper clothing. he was
wearing only torn pant and some old
blanket over body and nothing
inside he must be in his fifties we
went to him and asked “feeling cold?
Have you eaten something” he was
hungry. So we went nearby hotel
and fed him good amount of food.
he dined feeling his stomach and
wishes he was very happy by now.
Now he saw us better way.
He asked “why did you did favor on
me? Who are you?” we briefed him
little bit and asked him what we can
do for him further. he was amazed
now he told us that he is feeling
cold and it will be nice if we can do
something for him, we bought new
blanket for him when we enquired
about his family, he went silent. he
told us that his wife died long back
due to severe cold and there is
nobody caring him he started crying.
My wife came forward and said him
“don’t worry. We are there. I will
take care of you tell me what do you
want now?” she patted him with
sympathy he felt better. he hugged
her and put his head on her
shoulder for relaxation. He was
touching a woman after years and
that too beautiful woman like my
wife ! She was simple and beautiful.
Due to hugging and her warm touch,
he felt excited.
His tool started stiffening. We both
realized it during gupshup, I asked
him “when did you had your last
sex?” his eyes shined. he said it
must be at least 5 years or so. no
sex after my wife death. I asked him
directly pointing my wife “will you
like to have sex with her?” he was
excited by the concept. he readily
agreed. We all started moving inside
station from backside where no one
will catch us or see us on the way I
bought pack of condoms and handed
over to wife.
We all climbed in one railway
sleeper coach. It was all silence
there and we were alone there.
Lights were coming from yard side
and enough to see each other. They
went on lower birth and I climbed
on upper berth in nearby
compartment so that I can see what
they do but not disturb them my
wife and beggar sat on berth he was
looking at her with lot of lust in
His hands already on her shoulders
pulled her and started kissing her
lips, neck etc. He was very desperate
and looking sex starved he must be
hungry for sex also. He didn’t want
to waste lifetime opportunity he got
to fuck my cute wife. he pushed her
on seat and climbed on her.
His hands were freely roaming on
her body, on breasts, chest, stomach,
waist etc. his lips also kissing
wherever possible like lips, cheeks,
eyes, neckline, boobs etc. Just to
control him, she grabbed his head
and pulled him towards her. Their
lips came closer and in bit of
second, they locked the lips. His
upper lip on her upper lip and lower
vice versa. They were kissing
Surprisingly my wife was very
passionate to offer him great
enjoyment, a lifetime opportunity.
Soon their tongues started darting
each others. She likes to dominate in
this sex act. She was offering him
tongue to suck and his was playing
with it. He was sucking her tongue
with lips and tongue as like sucking
candy. Their saliva mixing and
falling on her cheeks and neckline.
But they were not caring it. They
were kissing like long lovers !
After about 10-15 min kissing they
separated mouths. She wiped out
saliva with her dupatta falling on
ground. She had nice red color
kamiz which was soft and bit
transparent too. Green color salwar
was matching it. His hands started
caressing and pressing her breasts
over the top. He was busy with her
lips also in between.
He managed to raise her top up to
chest level. He could easily see and
feel her big melons. he wanted to
rip off them and suck to the fullest.
In short time he pulled off her kamiz
and swiftly he unhooked her black
color bra also. She helped him by
sitting n raising hands so that kamiz
and bra can be removed. Now she
was topless in front of total stranger!
She dominated again, before offering
him her big boobs, she raised both
hands and asked him to feel the arm
armpits. She was enjoying it.
Meantime her big melons were free
for his hands to crush and drink
juice out of them. Her breasts are
quite big, yet firm and soft. She has
nice tits and small areola around
nipples. he kneed both breasts,
kissed them, took in mouth even
sucked her nipples. He licked every
inch of her bare boobs.
His rough hands were working on
her bare boobs and exciting her
further. She offered him to suck and
chew her nipples which she likes
very much. He readily started
sucking them and then started even
pinching them. Finally he started
pulling her nipples with his lips and
make her frenzy. She was pressing
own boobs and offering him with
ecstasy. They both were definitely
hot now and need further action.
They might have forgot everything,
their social and economical status,
relations, society etc. Even forgot
someone watching them so closely
after lot of fondling and kissing, he
stood up and asked her to remove
his pant. She sat down on sleeper
and took condom pack from her
purse. when she unbuttoned it &
removed completely she saw a
miracle. It was rock hard shaft for
her fun.
It was surprisingly 10″ long and 2″
thick. it was hairy lund with may be
strange smells and bad odors. By
seeing its sheer size, she forgot his
and her status and within seconds
she took his lund in her mouth. But
still she remembered to apply
condom on his long shaft. A beggar
was being sucked by beautiful and
sexy wife !
I couldn’t believe my eyes. but she
was more than happy. she started
licking it, then applied her saliva on
the length and then started hard
sucking it. She was gently stroking
and shaking lund and assisting it to
enter fully in her mouth. as it was
very long monster, it couldn’t enter
full but still managed to enter
deepest possible. he was very
excited by royal treat to his lund.
He was moaning and assisting her
by his waist movements making his
lund in and out her mouth. she
scratched his balls by nails which
aroused him and he moaned in
ecstasy aaahhhh sssshhhhhh
oooohhhhhh…….. He was in great
fun zone. His one hand was fondling
her left breast and other hand
caught her head and hairs and
moving it to and fro to suck his tool
hard. In between she signaled him
to stop just to get air and small rest.
After few seconds they again
resumed but now with controlled
speed and rhythm. after plenty of
sucking she finally stopped. all the
time she was sucking him, he was
fondling her bare boobs. she took
his hand and placed it on her pubic
area over her salwar. she wanted
him to rub that area. he started
caressing and rubbing over her silk
She must be wet by now. she offered
him her breasts to fondle by one
hand and suck other in his mouth.
she was feeding him one by other.
after that he laid her down on back
he pulled off her salwar string and
then took it off. then she pulled
down the panty inside and she was
totally nude. Just for a unknown
beggar !
He was watching my young and
beautiful nude wife ! She was bit shy
far few second but just that moment
only. Soon she pulled him and asked
him to sit down near her waist. She
has very firm and smooth bums and
thunder thighs. She don’t have any
hairs on stomach, legs etc. and
other hair near pussy, she regularly
clean them.
She took his hand and put on her
belly. other hand she put on her
thigh and signaled him to caress
her. More and more he cares, she
started spreading her legs further.
He put his lips on her pubic area
and suddenly started licking her
pussy. She helped him spreading
her pussy lips and allow to suck her
deep. his tounge started darting
with lower lips now and she started
His hands also working on her naked
body. One hand pressing the boob
and other pressing her firm gaand.
Soon she reached her orgasm and
wanted him to stop sucking her clit.
But he was also enjoying and didn’t
stop at all. She was moaning loudl
sssssshaaaaa… She was
pushing his head in excitement
which was already deeply buried in
her pubic area.
Soon her excitement started cooling
and he also stopped sucking her. It
must be great orgasm she enjoyed
lot. He locked lips with her lips and
now they started kissing very
passionately again. They both were
enjoying the sex in true emotions.
He said her “You are very sexy and
attractive” After some kissing, they
separated out.
She raised her leg such that
indicating him something. she told
him to lick her legs from toe to ass.
He again obeyed her and why not !
He was getting sex treat like never
before ! He planted few kisses on
her foot and then kissed her foot
fingers also. Slowly he was caressing
and licking her inner and outer skin
of her legs, then thighs and
waistline. He licked her waist and
folds on her stomach also.
Then she turned such that her back
facing him. he was confused. But
she was actually giving him more
treat. She took his hand and placed
on her bums and started gently
caress it. he understood now. he
further turned her and now she was
sleeping on her stomach giving him
full view of her gaand. He slowly
lingered his fingers on her ass and
then started licking it in full. he was
pressing it and pinching it also
while licking every inch of her tight
He might have licked her ass hole
also. She spread her ass crotch and
asked him to lick her ass crack. He
readily licked it. She whispered
“….hhhh” He was very
excited now and slept on her placing
his lund near ass crack and slowly
moving it. This started raising his
lund again. He slowly put his hands
below her both boobs and started
lifting them and start needing them.
He was still pressing his lund
against her ass crack which stiffened
it very hard by now. Now both were
ignited again. He turned her again
and now ride on her. she was just
waiting it and spread her legs for
him inviting his solid lund to enter
in her tiny juicy pussy. he slowly
entered in her wet cunt and started
moving his waist to make long thrust
in her gili chut.
Soon half and then finally all his
shaft was inside her chut. his lund
must be happiest in the world for
that moment. he never fucked such
a homely lady in life. he was
ravaging the sweet cunt and making
most of the time. he was catching
my wife’s boobs and fondling in
between. They both had good
rhythm by now. her boobs were
shaking with his thrusts. She was
moaning like aaaaaa……ssssshhhhh
aahhhh……. oooouuccch….
He was moaning like
oooo….hhh…..ssssss…….. Soon he
started pumping her with great
speed. His monster was deep inside
her pussy and enjoying ! He was on
cloud 9 by now. Soon he reached
orgasm and after almost 20 minutes
he fired jets. Due to condom my wife
couldn’t experience the wetness, but
she felt the warmth of sperm he
fired. He was coming for few seconds
and then he was finally empty. He
collapsed on her naked body ad
then rested on her for some time.
She didn’t object him for either.
They both had great sex and deep
relaxation out of it. Soon they got
up and sat on seat. He pulled her
closer and started kissing her again.
She also responded him positive and
locked lips. His hands again
caressing and fondling her boobs
one by one and then pinch her
nipples one by one.
He in between kissed her nipples
too and then again locked lips. She
had now started caressing his lund.
She removed his used condom and
threw it off. It was drenched with
his and her sex juices. She was
caressing his bare lund and balls
now. He pulled her further close and
they were intimately kissing each
other with their hands working on
each other bodies. Though he was
deeply relaxed and enjoyed lot, he
was not yet satisfied and wanted to
enjoy again this beauty. If you like
the story pl comment

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