Thursday , March 30 2023

Begging On All

I pick you up at the airport. As I usher you into my
car, I’ve order you to open your leather trench coat so
that I can observe if you have followed my specific
instructions on what you were to wear to meet me.

Unfastening the belt of your coat, you reveal to me the
clothing you were to wear… what little you had been
allowed to that is – nipple chain, forest green lace
crotchless panties with matching garter belt and

I slowly reach over and tug on the chain, your back
arches from the mixed feelings of pain and pleasure. My
hand slides down across your flat stomach down to wet
pussy lips. I slide two fingers deep inside you, as if
checking if there was something there.

I gave you my command that it is all right for you to
release the contents to me… and slowly you release
your pussy muscles to expel the Benwa balls that you
were to put deep side your pink soaking wet pussy before
the flight.

The constant stimulation of them during the flight has
made you have several orgasms and are now dripping with
your juices. I drag them up along your stomach, up over
your nipples, and up to your mouth. Again I tug on your
nipple chain and order you to taste yourself, as you
willingly comply… sucking them deep savoring the taste
of yourself.

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