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Beginning Of My Sex Life With My Brother

Hey guys this is Deepika again, Thank for your responses for my first part and that made me submit this one for you..If you have missed my first story the link is given above.


As i mentioned in the first part my mom and dad had to visit my sick aunt and they will return only the next day..This meant that i had one full night with my bro..Yay!!..I couldn’t wait to go back to home from college..At last i reached home by 4pm.. I had a shower and wore a pink t-shirt without any bra..I was ready for some serious action tonight..I put on a black panty and a pink shorts which exposed some part of my thigh…Then my brother came home by 6pm..He went to his room and took a shower..Meanwhile i made some tea and snacks for him..He had the tea and we were talking about our day..


We both were sitting in a couch and i went closer to him ..I could see him getting restless.. He wanted to have some fun with me..I then gave a small kiss to his cheek..He responded by giving me a kiss in my cheek ..I then went a bit closer towards his lips and gave another one..he responded similarly..We both couldn’t stop smiling at each other..Then suddenly he lifted me up and carried me to the bed room..He made me lay on the bed… He slowly stared to kiss on the side of my neck and he was using his tongue all over..He then started to bite my ears gently..Ahh!! it was amazing and i was really getting into the mood now.. Slowly he approached my face and started smooching me ..We both started to kiss very intensely it went on for about 10 min..At the same time he was pressing my boobs really hard ,,i was moaning really loud..


He started to lick on my throat and slowly came down and started to eat my breast over my t-shirt..Then he took my t-shirt off and started to suck my breasts ..He was doing it so nicely ,,making slow rings around my nipple with his tongue and gently biting them now and then..I was holding his head tightly around my boobs….I was so turned on and i immediately made him roll over and went down to his boxers and pulled it down..Wow!! that was the first time I am seeing a cock right in front of me ..It was a good 7inches long..I slowly started licking his tip and then started to suck it..I slowly and steadily started to increase the speed ..He was really enjoying it and he was moaning like hell,, which made me go even faster..He told me that he was about to cum..I didn’t bother and drank every bit of his cum..Then he made me lie on the bed and spread my legs..


He removed my shorts and started to kiss gently on the inner side of my thigh and slowly approached to my pussy ..He just started rubbing my clits over my panties and I was starting to feel good ,,I started letting out loud moans and he slowly removed my panties and started to lick my pussy…He was doing it so slowly and we were in a sort of rhythm in which i raised my hip and banged my pussy towards his mouth when he licked…In a matter of less than 10 minutes i came..


Then we were lip kissing for sometime and the he made me lie on his side and raised one of my legs..He started rubbing his dick over my pussy and slowly inserted it ..It was painful since i was a virgin..He tore my hymen and i was bleeding ,,but my desire was not even a bit down and i still wanted him to go on..He started ramming like a bull..He was doing it so fast,,and I was shouting Ahh!! Hmm!! Yeah !! Fuckk mee !! fuck me !! Ahh ,, …And in some time I had a really intense orgasm ,,my whole body started to shiver ..I tightly hugged him ..I couldn’t even breathe properly for some time..I was lying hugging him for sometime..I was lying by his shoulders and i rolled over him and started kissing him,,and i sat over him inserted his dick in to my pussy and started riding him..I was slowly grinding his cock in to my pussy and it felt so good..I could see him about to cum..


I was afraid that i could get pregnant and so I stopped riding and made him sit on the edge of the bed and I knelt on the floor,,and his cock was facing my boobs..I held my boobs in my hand and placed his cock between my cleavage and gave him a boobjob..He was really enjoying it an in a matter of minutes he came right over my face..


Ahh,by that time we both were really exhausted and we were lying naked on the bed tightly hugging each other..We were smooching for some time and the we slept..Later in the night we had one more session..That time we tried Rockygy style and i kind of loved it…Till now i haven’t got another chance to get laid with my brother..Yeah we do kiss almost everyday and my boobs is his favorite toy right now,,he uses to tease my boobs a lot..I am looking forward for a chance to be fucked by him again..

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