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Behan ko Rakhail Banake Choda

I am Roopesh, 20 years old and this story is about my sister Padmini. She is 26 years old, 5’4” tall and very beautiful. She has a voluptuous body and her boobs are very protruding. We are from UP but have been staying in Mumbai since 4 years as she has got her job posting over here. She works for SBI and I am doing my BE. I lost my parents when I was 16 and she is only the bread earner in my family.
Well the area where we stay in Mumbai is fully Muslim dominating and crime and hooliganism is common, but due to cheap rent and it is near to her office we are enforced to stay in that area (although my college is quite far from that area) . Our house owner Juber is 56 years old,6 fee3’ tall, very strong, has very strong chest with full of hairy body. He is a local Muslim leader, has strong hold in that area and runs many illegal activities.
He stays there with his two wives ( he had 8 daughters, No son) Early he was a notorious criminal too but as he was our house owner he had been always good to us. He always treated us as his own children and whenever he has come to see us, spent time (1-2 hours) with us and asked about our problem and studies.

It was 6 months back which changed my life entirely. I was about to go for 10 days college trip and before leaving I went to give his house rent which was 2 months due. When he came to know that I was going on trip he returned the money saying I may need it in emergency as I will be out of city and told me to give later once I would be back. Well that evening I left for my 10 days college trip and had lots of fun with my friends but It was very tired some journey by bus so I decided to returned back just after 7 days. I took a bus in the morning for Mumbai and was suppose to reach by 7 o’clock evening but due to traffic jam I reached my house at 10 o’clock in the night. I had planned to give a surprised to my elder sister so I opened the main door with my duplicate key and entered the house. There was a deep silence in the house and lights were off in the others room, however light was coming out from my sister room. I closed the main door silently and as I was about to turned I heard hard cry “ UUUUEEEEEE Maaaaaa ” from my sister room. I rushed to her room and the door of her room was ajar, I peeped inside her room and I got shocked with disbelieve. My sister was fully naked lying beneath a naked man and pinned down by him tightly. Her legs were wide open on the air and that man was struggling to enter his penis in her pussy slowly. With his every stroke or as well as the penis got inside, she was crying hard “ UUEEE,AAHHHH ,AAAEEEEEE. There was some blood stains on the bedshet and her body was full of sweat and she was looking like a small doll beneath the guy , he was really huge and she was covered by his body. That guy had very big panic almost 9’ long and 3-4 “ in diameters which was fucking her tender pussy. Then I got another shock when he turned his face, he was none other than “Juber “ who always treated us a his own child. It seemed that I would get heart attack with shocked and stumbled but somehow I managed myself and put my step backed. I waited for sometime to get normal and peeped inside again.
I saw inside tears were running down from her eyes and she was crying saying “ please leave me I am like your daughter” and Juber was laughing mockingly and said if I release you then how will I take my rent, you just get fucked silently otherwise I will Molestation you “ Aare Padmini rani tumko chor dunga to aapna rent kisse wasulunga, chup chap pyar se chodwale warna Molestation kardunga ”. Then with one hand he groped her both hand above her head and started kneading her left boob with another hand . He placed his lips on her right boob and start sucking and nibbling her nipple. Then Zuber pulled her tits upwards with his lips 3-4 times, hold that between his teeths and pressed hard as her nipple would split in two parts, she cried aloud “AAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”. He was getting excited on her cry. He pressed his teets for some time, then left her nipple and started caressing her nipple with his tongue and then did the same thing again. When she opened her mouth again to cry he grasped her lips with his lips and suppressed her cry. He had clinched her so tightly with his body that she was not able to move her body too. Then Zuber suddenly pulled his penis up to his cock head from her pussy and gave a had puss till his tilt, My sister started wreathing and couldn’t bear the pain and seemed she got unconscious for some time. Her body became limp but Zuber kept fucking hard with no mercy. I felt petty for her and wanted to help her, but I din’t know what had happened to me that I couldn’t get courage to stop him and watched her fuck as a dumb stuck. Well he kept fucking her with full speed and after sometime he stopped his jerk. He took some water from the glass which was kept on the table just adjacent to her bed and sprinkled on her face. When my sister got conscious, he murmured something ( which was not audible to me ) and started kissing her chicks and forehead, and then he took out his penis, hold it with his hand and placed it on her pussy again, he rubbed her pussy up and down with his cock head and put it inside again with a jerk, She gave a scream “auchhhhhhh, Aaaeeeeee”. This time he was fucking her slowly and kissing her chicks, lips and forehead. After some time her cry had subsided in moan and she too started enjoying.
While fucking when Zuber put his lips on her boobs to suck , first time I heard my sister saying – Zuber ji please don’t bite my nipple it pains too much ( Zuber ji mere chuchiyo ko mat katiye bahut dard honta hai ).
Then Zuber laugh and said – Padmini darling it is nothing, One day I will suck your real milk from your boobs and breed with my children. ( Are apdmini rani yea to kuch nahi hai, ek din me tumhari chuchiyo se doodh piyunga aur aapne baccho ki maa banaunga).
Zuber- By the ways you don’t have any other option, except to be my keep, if you don’t accept my proposal then I will kill your brother, impregnate you and sell you in the brothel . (wose bhi aab tumhare paas koi option nahi hai mere rakhel banne ke alawa, yadi tum mere baat nahi mani to tere bhai ko jan se mar dunga aur tujko pregnant karke randikhana me bench dounga).
Saying this Zuber start sucking her nipple hard . My sister became silent for sometime and then it seemed that she had decided something, she broke her silence and said Zuber ji I will do whatever you wanted to make me do, but you have to promise that if I conceive your baby you will have to take care of them with the full responsibility , otherwise I will commit suicide as soon as you will leave me.
Zuber became happy to hear that she is ready to become his keep (Rakhel), he said just give me one son I will do whatever you want and murmured something as if he was giving some kind of assurance.
I was shocked to hear how my sister was ready to become his keep who was just double in her age and willing to conceive a muslim’s baby without any resistance.

To get his assurance my sister got relaxed and wrapped her arms around his head and kissed his forhead . Zuber put his tounge in my sister mouth and she passanitly sucked his tounge, then she looked in his eyes straight, gave a smile, and pulled down his mouth and placed on her right boob. She had raise her right boobs with her left hand to suck and cooperate him. Zuber put his lips on her left boobs, sucked and as he bite her nipple she closed her eyes and hissied “ UUUHHH ,UUUHH, Ohhhhhhh, while sucking he was pumping her some time hard some time slowly. My sister was pumping on his every thrust and after some time she started shouting – OOOhhhhhh, AAhhhhh, aur zor se, aur zor se chodiye zuber ji, phad digiye mere chut ko, bana diziye aapne bachoo ki maa, me zharne wali hun , aur zor se chodiye (harder, fuck me harder zuber ji, split my pussy, breed me with your baby, I am cuming, fuck me hard).
Zuber said – Rani me bhi aane wala hun bas thoda der mera bhi sath do ( darling even I am about to cum, just cooperate me for few minutes). My sister had clinched him tightly, wrapped her both legs around his waist and uplifted her bump to match her thrust. After sometime both ejaculated simultaneously and panting heavely. Zuber big and thik cock was still inside her pussy and he was collapsed on her body while my sister was limped, her eyes were closed and she was caressing his back. After sometime she broke her silence and told- zuber ji aapne to meri bachedadi phad hi dali hai , koi itne beharmi se chodata hai kya, aab hato mere body se. . When zuber pulled out his cock moved away from her , I saw lots of cum were oozing from her pussy. Her clitoris was starched and choot lips was damn red , there were also lots of bite marks on her body. I was not sure how to react which just happened with my sister. I came to my room, laid on bed and kept thinking about that incidence. I didn’t know when I slept but after few hours I woke up by some destruction or bed dream. I looked at my table clock and it was 2:30. I was curious to see my sister again. I moved towards her room and lights were still on in her room. I peeped inside and saw zuber was between her legs and sucking her pussy. While she had grasped his head with her both hand and pressing on her pussy with excitement. She was hissing, sometime biting her lips and her eyes were closed in excitement. Then she told- aab bas bhi karo, jan se maronge kya, mai thak gayi hun, jo karma hai aap zaldi karo, I can’t wait any more jaan. Please fuck me, I am so wet down there ( now stop it, you will kill me what, I am tired now, what you wanted to do just make it fast) . Hearing this zuber turned her body, made her lie on her belly and put two pillow benith her bump to lift. He kissed them and placed his cock on her chut, rubbed with that and pushed hard. She cried “AAAEEEEEEE” . She was not expecting that being fucked from back side will be so painful. She begged- zuber ji please nikaliye warna mai mar zaungi ( zuber ji please take it out otherwise I would die). Zuber consoled- Rani yease kaise mar jawongi,just bear the pain , you would enjoy as last time and he kept on fucking. After some when time my sister started moaning then he commended her to ride him. He laid on his back and pulled my sister on him. I saw she raised her ass and took his lund in her hand and put it against her chut and he immediately pushed forward and his half of his penis was inside her chut. she cried aaaahhhh please dheere!!
. He grabbed her both boobs and commended her to ride. She started jumping on his penis and gradually increased the speed. She was moaning UUFFF, AAHHH , UFFFF ,EESSS and sometime pinching her nipples herself. After sometime she ejaculated and collapsed on him. Immediately Zuber pinned her down holding her both wrist and started fucking her hard. He too fucked her for 5 minutes and cummed in her fertile womb. After resting on her body sometime, he lied on his back ,pulled my sister closer in his arms, kissed her and sleep. I waited there for some time and wanting to know their next step. They were tired and not supposed to do sex again so I came back to my room and sleep. Next morning when I woke up it was 8: 30. I came out from my room and found my sister was taking bath while Zuber had left the room. I had to get ready, so I sat on the sofa and was waiting for my sister to come out from the bathroom. After 10 minutes she came out in her petticoat which was just upto her thigh and covered her boobs . Her protruding nipple were hard and clearly appearing through her petticoat. She looked at me and shocked to see my sudden presence. Before she could utter something to me, zuber came out from bathroom wrapping a towel. I was wrong , Zuber had not left the room but that mothedr fucker was taking bath with my sister. (May be they had not noticed my presence in the morning when I was sleeping in my room, I think they were thinking I would returned after 3 days). I looked my sister she was scared and verge to cry while zuber looked un tensed. I left them, came to my room and closed the room. Before closing the door I could only over heared him saying to my sister“ don’t worry I will handle it”. Aroung 15-20 minuts my sister knocked the door, I opened it and she was dressed in sari. She told me that zuber wanted to see me. I went to my sister room. He was sitting on the sofa and smoking. He saw me and indicated me sit on the bed. Then he came closure to me and said – You have come to know my relation with your sister and there is nothing to hide from you now. I assure you that you that your sister would be always secured with me and I would give everything to you people. But as you know I am already married and have two wife, I can’t marry your sister. I hope can understand my situation. However your sister has no objection and ready to be my Rakhel (keep). I just wanted you to accept our relation happily otherwise you would have to leave your sister and this house. He knew that I am helpless, when I didn’t say a word, he called my sister in the room and order me to prepare tea for them. I left the room immediately. When I came back with tea and entered my sister room, I saw my sister was sitting on his lap, her blouse was thrown in the corner and he had lowered his mouth on her boobs and sucking and biting on it. She looked at me, stood up from his lap, covered her boobs with the helm of sadi and sat beside him. She was embarrassed. Zuber took the cup saying- Teri bahan mast maal hai, isse chorne ka man hi nahi karta hai, ji chatahai isse bas ragadata rahun aapne niche. He finished the tea and then kissed my sister passionately infront of me and left the room saying he would return in the night. Whole day me and my sister were in the house but we both didn’t get courage to talk with each other. In the night when we were having diner silently she broke her silence and said – Roopesh zuber is very powerful and dangerous person, he can do anything to you. As you know I have already lost my parent and you are only my brother , I don’t want to lose you now, And also being a elder sister and a parents it is my responsibility to keep you safe and happy. So what I have done with my concern or on compulsion it was only for your safety. I told –didi me janta hun aap jo klarongi hamare bhale ke liye karongi. Mujko bas itba gum hai ki me kuch nahi kar sakata hun aapke liyea (didi I know what you would do , will be for ourself, just there is something killing me that I can’t do any thing for you ) However we finished our diner somehow. Zuber came at 08 o clock and he was drunked. He dragged my sister to her room, striped her and shoved her on the bed. Then
he got on top of her with his monster lund hanging and put my sister legs on either side of his shoulders. He then kissed her and she responded him back,then he positioned his monster lund on her tiny chut and started fucking. He didn’t even bother to closed the door. My sister was she was literally screaming and shouting, After fucking 10 minutes
he stoped fucking her and got down from the bed. Then he pulled her to the edge of the bed and he had his legs on the floor, he again put her legs on his shoulders, placed his lund on her chut and gave a hard push. He started hammering her very hard, he used to pulled his cock all the way till only the head was in and then push the whole nine inches inside. My sister was in pain, aching aahing aaaawww, aaaawww, aaaaah,, aaaammmothera… oooohh, aaaaaiiii, aaaaahhh, rrrraaaaaajjjj, aaaahhhh, sloww, please,
finally I heard my sister and Zuber grunting aaaahh, and his thrusts slowed down. He cummed deep inside my sister nearly 60 seconds.
That night he fucked her 3 times and left the room in the morning. From that day Zuber started visiting our house regularly. He had fucked my sister in every position, sometime he used to bring Sex cd and tried everywhere in our house. He didn’t care fucking her even in front of me. He likes most sucking her big boobs which has become bigger by her regular sex. Now my sister is 4 months pregnant and carrying his baby.

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