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It had been another successful day of fighting villainy for the justice league. They had all just come back from defeating and banishing Mongul from earth and, except for those on duty, were leaving for rest and relaxation at home. Noticeable of those leaving was Diana prince Aka Wonder woman. The beautiful Amazonian princess was getting ready for departure when she was stopped by the voice of her good friend Superman.

‘Hey Diana, you fixing to leave?’ He asked his friend only for the beauty to give a small smile. ‘Yes Kal. I was just about to go. Its been a busy day and since tomorrow is the weekend, I’d like to rest for a good while.’ She said as he nodded understandingly.

‘I feel ya. Its been a long week, that’s for sure. I hope Enzo isn’t giving you any trouble. You could send him back to me if he is.’ He said as Diana simply shook her head. ‘No, Enzo’s being quite the good companion on The island. None of the sisters mind him there.’ She said as Clark nodded.

‘Alright then, I’ll see you Monday then. Take care.’

A bright blue light shined on the edge of Paradise island as Wonder Woman teleported onto the shores. She flew towards the palace, landing lightly at its entrance as the female guards bowed and Queen Hyppolita, Diana’s Mother, came to greet her along with her visibly pregnant younger sister, Donna Troy. They hugged at their meeting as Diana placed her hands on her sister’s swollen womb.

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