Thursday , March 30 2023

Bhabhi’s Consensual Rape

“Fuck! It’s 6 o’clock,” I said looking at my watch, to
no in particular.

“You got anything to eat man? It feels like I haven’t
eaten anything for ages,” I asked one of my final year
project group partner.

“Nahh man,” replied the one whose room we had ‘hijacked’
for near about whole last year, “last piece of food got
finished hours ago while you were sleeping.”

“Dude! I only slept for like 20 minutes then. And that
was 3 hours ago!”

He shrugged and said, “That’s probably when we ate it. I
might have forgotten to wake you up.”

Damn! If I hadn’t needed him on the project, and it
already being March (we have to submit it by last week
of April) I won’t be able to replace anybody now, I
would have kicked his ass.

He is still probably pissed off about using his room for
project assembly. I can’t blame him, he was being given
hard time from his other room partners and the landlord
for the mess we had created. Just more two months and
everything will be over.

“I am going home.”

“About time you did!”

Fuck Off Dude! I really, really wanted to hit him now.
Again, not his fault. For the last whole year I have
been living here more than at my home. People think I am
that dedicated about the project, don’t get me wrong I
am, but I am dreaded about staying home and having to
face my Bhabhi.

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