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Bhagyashree Sex and Humiliation

Riya read the news about plans of bhagyashree the famous actress of “maine pyaar kiya” on a website that she is planning to introduce her son to the film industry very soon.
Riya talked to herself “oh!! so that’s why she is promoting her son everywhere nowadays. but so bad is this, that her son is not even gay nor straight. thanks to my daughter who fell in love with him and found his secret. the idiot guy ran away when she tried to kiss him. he runs from girls. he can’t even stand in front of a girl and talking to girls..vo bahut door ki baat he”…”well i got a point to humiliate her now. i still remember that day when she humiliated me in front of all for my saree… are! its looking little cheap mrs khanna, next time ask me i will definitely advice you for a better place to buy… hun!…bitch” and again on that day what she said “mrs. khanna you should train your daughter how to talk, she doesn’t have any manners. and is she want to be a lesbian, then why she is touching the girls here and there”… Riya was burning in fire of humiliations by bhagyashree. she spoke to herself “how did she dare to talk me like that”. suddenly, Riya looked at the clock and then closed the PC and went to her room to get ready for the kitty-party at bhagyashree’s house….!!!

in the evening, everyone was discussing about that news with bhagyashree. she said “yeah its true that i am planning to launch him with a new movie very soon. he is 22 and going to gym these days to get a toned body. we have decided and selected the script and story and will start the shoot after six months”. everyone congratulated her but Riya was in mood of taking revenge of that humiliations.
Riya spokeup in between of their talks..” but your son is gay na? he can’t even stand in front of girls. he can’t afford gut to get kissed by a girl then how will he survive in the industry?”
Bhagyshree replied back ” what? what rubbish? my son is not gay? he just little shy. he is just a kid”
riya got the chance to make the winning move of argument…”then you should make him a man first then push him into the film industry or-else he will fall before rising….hahaha!.
Bhagyashree replied in loud voice: ” okay my son won’t come to kiss your daughter because after one year he will get kisses from many girls and you will see it. got it”. everyone got quiet.
Riya broke the silence and started laughing and said to bhagyashree “i was just kidding yaar! made you April fool! sorry!!”. and everyone laughed without guessing the seriousness of that joke. but Riya humiliated Bhagyashree and Bhagyashree got humiliated because she didn’t had any reply and she knew the truth that what Riya was saying is true.

in the evening, bhagyshree sat on sofa and started thinking that what can she do to make her son smart and a real man. she remembered a incident when her son ran away from a screen test where he has to shoot for a intimate romantic song for his film. because of that reason only the schedule of the film got delayed.
bhagyashree thought that only one thing can make her son a real man that is he should know what a real man do…the real man has the talent to attract the opposite sex and know how to satisfy them in physically relationship. sex is the only thing that makes them the real man, a macho.
but suddenly another thought came into her mind that who will educate him, who will train him, who will tell him how to do real sex. and with who will get ready for this.
she thought may be she can hire a call girl for this. but if this news will get leaked it will ruin their respect in society and media will light-up the matter. her son’s carrer will end before its start. so, who will do this secret mission?
at last she found someone….herself. she thought “yeah! if i will train him, i will tell him the best. and it won’t get leaked, it will remain within us as a secret….!!
“yes! from tomorrow i will start this secret mission”…wait and watch riya…my son is going to be a sex god like i am a sex godess.!!!”

Next day bhagyashree after coming from outside she went to her bathroom andremoved her dress and saw herself in the mirror. she saw her beautiful figure and praised herself that how well she has maintained her beauty till these years. she went back to her room and pick her phone and came back in front of mirror and clicked a snap of her in lingerie.

now she stood in front of mirror and spoke to herself: “get ready to be little slutty dear, because you know only you can do it”. and she went to took a bath. after taking bath she dressed up and went to her son’s room. her son abhimanyu was reading a magazine.
she said: “abhi! my computer is showing some problem. needs some formatting. please do the backup and then format it. i am going for shopping will come back in the evening. okay?”

after bhagyashree left, abhi went to her room and saw that in rush to go for shopping her mom left her dress on the bed. he came forward to took them up for keeping them in wardrobe but he saw her mother also left her bra and panty there. he thought its better not to touch them or she will feel something wrong. so he left those lingerie and dress there only and came back and sat on computer table’s chair. he opened the PC and started checking necessary folders to keep backup.

while going through all folders. Abhimanyu found a folder named as my secret pics. he opened the folder in curiosity and found some images. as he opened the image he got goosebumps by looking at pic. it was her mom’s nude pics possibly taken by herself. he saw the first pic was a blurry pic taken from mobile camera. she wore a pair of blue bra and panty in that pic.

he clicked a another pic which was clicked by her mother outside of their house. she was full naked in that pic. she wore nothing, just her panty which was also she was removing and posed for the photo.

one another photo was there in which she wore a light cofee color bra and panty and posed for the snap.

this was making him heated up, his dick was getting tight and he felt little wet inside his underwear. and he was unable to understand why its happening afterall she was his mom. well he always liked his mother’s beauty and he admired her beauty at this mature age, and that’s why when he saw the secret beauty of her mother he became sexually active that also unknowingly. suddenly the same pic got repeated in which her mom was in blue bra and panty. by looking at those pic he realized its the same pair of bra and panty which are kept on bed. he couldn’t controlled himself and went to see whether they are really those ones. when he picked up both of them he found they are same ones. he thought something and felt its a stupid idea but his heart started beating fast. he pickedup the bra and touched it with a gentle hand. the soft bra made him more erotic. at last he did the stupid idea. he took out his penis and started masturbatiung in that bra. within one minute he erected, and started feeling guilty. but all is happened so now what. he took the bra with panty and the dress and threw them inside the washing machine and switched it on. and at last felt some relif.
that’s mean he was not gay what everyone is thinking even her mother also thinking the same. but truth is something different. here her mother is buying stuff to seduce her son to make him a man.

see what happens next…… to be continued…

Bhagyashree Sex And Humiliation

Bhagyashree Sex And Humiliation

Bhagyashree Sex And Humiliation

bhagyashree clicked her photo with her mobile phone camera. in her blue bra and panty she was looking gorgeous even better to say a sex bomb. evrything was just perfect. suddenly a idea came into her mind.
she thought, “why not i am transferning this pic to my pc and i will keep the folder unlocked. so that when i will say abhimanyu to keep the backup of my file then definately he will go through these photo. it will defineltly help me to keep a base of my mission.” and she did the same.
(after givivng the task to abhimanyu bhgayashree went for shopping and abhimanyu found the folder and became erotic. his sex hunger grewup from a seed to a tiny plant. neither he was gay nor he used become nervous in front of girls. actually he used to hate girls but bhagyashree didn’t know the truth. the confusion came because of mrs riya khanna who humilaited bhagyashree for this and she decided to challege her by making her son a real man.)
when Bhagyashree returned back from the shopping, abhimanyu was watching tv. she came near to him and asked him about the formatting. he said with little low voice “yes mom! its done”. her shy nature was killing her because she wanted him to be smart. then, she walked to her room but after few minutes she returned back and ordered him to come to her room after few minutes for a serious talk. when abhimanyu heard this his heart started beating fast he scared with the thought that he mother got to know about his act when she was outside.
after few minutes he went to her room and knocked the door. bhagyashree replied to come-in. when he entered the room he saw her mom is lying on the bed with a very unusual dress. When he entered she requested him with her hands to sit down near to her. abhimanyu saw that her dress was very sexy and hot. In that dress her breast was almost visible. That dress had a huge cut from which her curves very coming out. Her breast shapes were purely visible in it. Abhimanyu never saw her in that type of dress before that day. Since the day he came back from his boarding, her mom was always wearing western dresses and beautiful sarees. He always saw her figure covered with full dresses.

Bhagyashree Sex And Humiliation

when abhimanyu looked at her then she smiled and requested him to be comfortable. he sat but kept his head down to show, that he was feeling shy. Then bhagyashree said: ” don’t be shy son! you need to be a man. i know from so many years you are studying in boarding school and college that also boys school and college. thatswhy you are so scared of girls. I know you don’t have any girlfriend. you never kissed a girl. right na? my sweet son!!. you are going to step down in film industry and there you have to be a loverboy. you need a sexy guy’s image but this is not possible without your frankness. You are at age when boys do fun but you are shy and so quiet. But don’t worry I am here for that I will train you, guide you and will make you the macho man. Okay? She came little closer to hug him but he stood up and came out from the room. He went to his room and slept on the bed and started thinking about something but suddenly his mobile started ringing. He saw the phone and his eyes widened up. He took the phone and went to toilet room. Abhimanyu entered into the toilet, closed the latch and then he picked up the call. From the other side someone said “hello!” and Abhimanyu replied back “hello ABHIMANYU! How are you?”
(one day abhimanyu was surfing porn websites on internet in his English literature class. English teacher Mrs. Gomes was very strict while teaching, she saw him red handed. So she reported this to principal. Principal suspended him for a week from school but didn’t tell his parents on his request. Abhimanyu was in full mood to take revenge with Mrs. Gomes on any cost. One day while passing through road he saw someone. He went to him and introduced himself as ABHIMANYU, the other person introduced himself as VIRAJ. He made him his friend. After few days he threw him a challenge with a bet. He promised him to fulfill any of his wish as a bet if he will get succeed to punish Mrs. Gomes by to seducing and Fucking her. He was requesting him to do this because he was scared of her. So he told him the whole story, the reason behind his motto. Viraj excepted the bet. He was little shy but was an expert of art of seduction. So, he seduced Mrs. Gomes and fucked her in her own staff room.

Abhimanyu thanked him and promised him to fulfill any of his wish. Viraj said that he wants to live the royal and lavish lifestyle like abhimanyu by living in his house for few months. Then abhimanyu planned to send Viraj to his house on place of himself because they both were lookalike. They were duplicate of each other so abhimanyu thought viraj will go on place him and live there for few months and nobody will get to know that he is not real abhimanyu. )

Abhimanyu(Viraj) locked the latch of toilet and picked up the call. From other side Abhimanyu(real one) asked: “hello! Abhi?” Abhimanyu(Viraj) replied: “hi abhimanyu! How are you?”.
Abhimanyu(real one): “i am fine. Howz everything going on? Hope you are enjoying everything there.”
Abhimanyu(Viraj): “everything is going great. You live really a very lavish lifestyle. Wish i could afford the same. Well, will meet you after three weeks. So adjust for few days, hope you don’t mind.”
Abhimanyu(real one): “not a problem dude. After all I owe you, you fucked that bitch for me. Now she come to me get fucked. So you enjoy and let me too. Meet you then on 31st. Take care!”

well at the outside of the toilet, bhagyashree was waiting for abhimanyu in a new avataar to seduce him and was planning to teach him the lessons of “kamasutra”

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