Tuesday , March 21 2023

Bi College Girls

“I’m Andy and I know what you’re thinking,” the slim figure said. “Boy or
girl?” Andy was Kathy’s height, but rail-thin.

“I’ll go with ‘girl,’” Bobby answered. “Since this is a lesbian bar.”

“Me too,” Kathy said. “You just came out of the ladies room.”

“You sure? With this hair?” Andy touched her boy-short brown hair. “And no
tits.” Nobody else was in the short hall outside the bathrooms. “See?” Andy
unbuttoned her checked cowboy shirt and pulled it open, revealing tiny
breasts with little pink nipples and areolas.

Bobby admired Andy’s bare chest. “Cute. They’re sexy little tits. Girl
tits. Definitely not boy tits.”

Kathy looked up and down the hall. “You gonna button your shirt? Someone
could come in and see you.”

Andy grinned. “Most everyone in Cowgirls is a regular. They’ll just
smile. Maybe kiss me and grab a quick feel.”

“Houston.” Bobby looked at Kathy. “Wild enough for you?”

“Uh huh.” Kathy was still staring at Andy.

“Speaking of kissing . . .” Andy gripped Bobby’s hips and pulled their
bodies together. Bobby’s big breasts pressed against Andy’s almost-flat
chest. Andy didn’t feel like Kathy, or a boy. She was a great
kisser. Tender yet demanding, with just the right amount of tongue.

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