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Billy likes to blackmails women

William Robert James Dunlop was a bully, he had always
been a bully, his father encouraged him to be a bully.
“Weak fools get nowhere son, exercise your authority,
make them crawl.”

The town where Billy as he was known to his friends did
just that, his father was wealthy, people in the town
didn’t really know what he did, to be fair neither did
Billy. Billy treated people and especially girls like
objects to be used and discarded at will.

When he was eighteen he tried to Molestation his younger sister
who was sixteen at the time, he had already alienated
himself from his Mother with his attitude and now she
put her foot down.

She was prepared to bring in outside police forces if
something wasn’t done about her son, it seems her
husband was paying someone high up in the force.

James Dunlop the elder relented, he sent Billy away with
a healthy allowance for a five year travelling trip
which was how Billy ended up in a strange club in

Billy was only twenty but looked older, with his fake ID
he managed to fool most of the clubs and bars he
frequented. A friend had taken him to this one, he was
in awe of some of the people there.

He sat next to a lady dressed in a revealing dress
holding a lead that had a girl on the other end of it.
She was kneeling by the lady’s side looking down at the

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