Monday , January 30 2023

Billy’s Mom Claims His Virginity

Allison had long suspected her mom and Billy had a thing for each other. Watching them now, with her brothers cum dripping from her mom’s mouth, as they starred deeply into each other’s eyes and telling each other how much they loved each other, confirmed it beyond a doubt.

“That was hot!” Allison exclaimed. “Now it’s your turn mom.” With that she turned to Billy and said.
“Get up Billy and let mom take your place. Mom take your clothes off. Let me show my little brother how to eat his mom’s pussy.”
“What?” Cheryl said confused. “He can’t do that, it’s not right. I’m his mother!”
“Yes mom, you are his mother. And you just sucked his dick. He should return the favor. As his mom you have the responsibility to teach him proper etiquette. It’s only polite for a guy to return the favor if he’s had a good blowjob. You want him to respect women both in and out of the bedroom, don’t you?” Allison reasoned
“Well, yes, I suppose.” Cheryl replied.
“How long has it been since you’ve had your pussy eaten mom or had sex other than masturbation?” Allison asked
“A long time.” Cheryl said with a sigh.
“You’re a young, beautiful woman mom, and you deserve the pleasures of a young, beautiful woman. Now, strip and let us take care of your needs.” Allison said
“I don’t know?” Said Cheryl. “I’m a bit shy about Billy seeing me, his mom, naked.”
“Well look at him mom! Standing there with his cock and balls out for all to see. And what about me? Here I am naked and I just rubbed an orgasm out in front of him and you. Come on mom, I know you want Billy’s tongue on your pussy. Just imagine what it will be like to look down into his eyes as he eats you out? And I bet he’d love to do it also. Wouldn’t you Billy?” She said turning to her brother.
“Sure, I suppose.” Answered Billy, a little unsure.
“Oh come on you two. I saw the way you looked into each other’s eyes just now. You two are very sexually attracted to each other. Don’t you want to see mom’s sexy body Billy?”
“Yes, yes I do.” Billy said

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