Monday , January 30 2023

Birthday Present From Mom

It was my 15the birthday, and I had just come home late.
I had a couple beers at a party, but was otherwise all
right. I went home and my mom and her friend, Mrs. White,
were over with a cake. They both giggled when they
realized how drunk I was. I didn’t’ care, it was funny.

But anyways, I ate some cake and humored them for a
while. Then my mom went to the bathroom. I was sitting
there, and all of a sudden, Mrs. White shows me her ass,
asking, “Do you think I have a nice ass, cutie pie?”

I was kind of shocked but said, “Yes, it’s very nice.”

Then my mom came back and we watched some TV and we
watched Baywatch for a couple minutes. I kept glancing at
Mrs. White, and realized that for a mature lady she was
kind of sexy looking. I’d never really noticed before
she’d said that nasty stuff about her ass.

While we watched TV, I noticed Mrs. White staring at the
guys and I wondered what she was thinking. Was she
thinking about stuff hidden by their swim trunks? The
thought that Mrs. White might be thinking about guy’s
dicks made mine go hard.

Then my heart began to really pump when Mrs. White put
her finger in her mouth, and began to suck it. Then she
moved that finger from her mouth to her chin to her soft
supple looking tits. They were about a 36C’s maybe and
still perky for someone her age.

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