Thursday , December 8 2022

Birthday Slave – brother, sister, cousin, and the Rocky

Me and my sister, Kasey, have always been close. We were just two years apart, almost to the day. Our birthdays are just five days apart and I honestly have no idea how our Mom planned that one out. We’ve always celebrated together in the middle, August 15th.

I was turning 16 this year and her 18 so it was pretty exciting for both of us. It was even better because the 15th fell on a Monday and we had the entire day to celebrate.

I knew Mom and Dad would both be out of the house by 7:00 am so I set my alarm for 7:30 not wanting to miss a single minute more. I woke to the sound of the alarm and patted the bed beside me but I quickly realized the my Rocky, Boss, was not in the room. Normally he’s either by the door or lying beside me waiting for me to let him out. I crawled out of the bed to go look for him.

Kasey’s room was right across the hall and as I stepped through my door I heard a soft moan coming from her room and noticed the door was cracked just a little. Like any 16 year old boy I put my eye to the crack to see what she was doing.

She laid on her stomach with a pillow underneath her, her shoulder length brown hair cascading over her face as one hand rubbed her cream colored pussy and the other rolled a rosy pink nipple between her fingers. Her deliciously perfect bubble butt was up in the air with her legs spread and Boss riding her with his cock in her perky pink asshole. She moaned as he slammed against her and I couldn’t stop myself from reaching into my boxers and wishing I had grabbed my phone.

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