Monday , January 30 2023

Bisex party on the farm

We’ve got alot of different friends sexually, Billie’s kinky friends and mine, they come from totally different areas of sex, only Billie and me are into beastly, that we know of.

We make a list, Billie sends invitations to them, I even invited 2 of my old kinky neighbors, ones a single older women and a couple, his’s gay and she’s dominant, I’ve had sex with all three of them, the women is into dildo play. My biker buds are bisexual
Billie’s friends are into everything,
She invites her horse farmer friend she got Thor from.
All together we are going to have about 20 people there, we also invite a kinky gay caterer that we know, he’s bringing all the food,

Friday morning shows up and we start getting ready, Greg shows up with all the food and some of his kinky servants,

Billie’s horse farmer shows up, he brings a couple mares and a stallion, my biker buds bring tents, bedding, porta john, porta shower.
All the other people start coming in about med afternoon, me and Billie supply all the drinks and of course the farm.
Everyone starts party, eating and drinking, having a good time getting to know each other.
We have big fire out in front of the barn, every one is at the fire.
Me and Billie start messing around, Pete comes over and I start rubbing his big dick, Billie gets naked and Pete mounts her.

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