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Bittu having sex with unsatisfied aunty Radhika

First let me describe about her. Her name is Radhika and believe me guys she is a perfect sex angel and goddess. She looks like Priya rai. Same dusky complexion, 5’6 in height and has an ass to die for.Her measurements are 34-28-36. She has two kids. One 12 and other 14.

Coming to the story. I am bittu, 21, very fair and heavily built, 5’11 tall. I’m from Hyderabad, studying in Bangalore. One fine day I’ve received a mail from an unknown email. It said that I have read your story in ISS. I’m from Hyderabad too. I directly came to the point asking her if she wanted to have sex.

She said that she is hungry for sex from many years because her husband works in abroad. But is afraid to do it with an unknown person. Then I said it was okay. First let us chat for few days. After gaining some trust you can think of having sex. She said thank you very much. Like that we chatted for 1 month. We used to talk dirty, exchange pic’s.

One day she messaged me that she trusts me now and gave me her contact number and her address. She told me to come to her house on Monday afternoon when nobody was in her house. I thought I was very lucky. I am getting a chance to have sex with another matured aunty(actually I’m more interested in aunties).

As she said I went to her house on Monday afternoon and knocked her door. She opened the door and I was stunned to see her. She was wearing a red tempting saree and had a perfect figure. My dick became rock hard when I saw her. She greeted me and asked me to come in. She gave me water and sat beside me.

I started conversation by telling her that you look sexy in red saree. She gave me a smile and asked me whether I had any gf. I’m not interested in girls of my age. I am interested in mature women. Especially sexy aunties like you. She said offfo and was smiling. Slowly I went near her and kissed her on her lips. She slowly started responding.

I lifted my hand an started to squeeze her boobs softly. She let out a small moan.We kissed for probably 10 min. At the same time I was squeezing her boobs and she was caressing my dick over my pants. Slowly I came down near her naval and removed her saree pallu aside and kissed her naval hole. Ahhhh…. She moaned with pleasure.

I came up and removed her jacket hooks and boom!! There were her boobs. Pink color nipples. Actually her jacket is a little bit tight. So her boobs were bigger than I imagined. Slowly I teased her pressing her boobs only slowly… I was kissing all over her boobs except her nipple area… She was begging me to suck her nipples.

I said not that easily… I’m gonna tease you… I did that for 5 min and slowly went near her nipple area and blew air on her nipples… She was moaning in pleasure… I put my tongue on her nipple and slowly sucked it for which she moaned ahhh.. Shhh… Huhhhhhhh…. Ohhhhhhh All of a sudden I sucked them hard and squeezed her boobs so hardly for which she shouted very loudly.. Hummmmmmm.

And said to squeeze them slowly for which I replied are you enjoying it? She said you definitely know how to handle a woman’s boobs and sexual desires. I smiled and got up. She removed my trousers and got shocked by seeing my 8 inch cock. She said my husbands is smaller than yours. Saying that she started to suck it…. Mann she was a pro in giving a blowjob…

She sucked it like a lollipop for 10 minutes… After that I ejaculated in her mouth. Then I went near her removed her saree and panty and slapped her ass once… She let out a sigh.. Ahh I made her sit on the sofa, wide spread her legs and started to suck her pussy… It was very wet due to foreplay… After my sucking for 1 min she squirted.

She said it has been years since she had this type of pleasure. Hearing her moans and words my cock became rock hard. I asked her which position she wanted to try. She said she liked standing Rockygy style but never did it with her husband. I said for now I’m your husband.. You can fulfill any of your desires.

Saying that I turned her back and slowly inserted my half cock into her pussy and started fucking her slowly…. She started moaning….. Ahhhhhhhhh….. Ohhhhmmm… Mmmm All of a sudden I pushed my entire cock into her pussy… She moaned ahhhhh…. Slowly…… I started pumping her hardly…. She was moaning in pleasure…. Ahaaaaa…. Uuuuuu… Fuck me…. Harderrmmmmmuuu….

Her boobs were swinging while I was fucking her. I caught her boobs made her stand and was pumping her very badly…. She was literally moaning very loud… Ahhhhhh….. Ohhhhh… Mmmhhhhhh….. Uuuuu… Mmmm…I felt pressure building up in me…. I said her that I was going to cum.She said cummm inside mee… Iiii wanttt to feel yourrr hot liquiddd inside meee…

Huhhh…. Huhhh. Huhhh.. Mmmm. Huhhh Hearing those words I increased my pace and ahhhhhhhh….. I came in side her….. We both fell on the sofa…. And were trying to catch our breath…She said that this was the best fuck she had in her entire life and thanked me for pleasuring her.

Later we had two more sessions and I had to leave because her kids may arrive anytime. I kissed her and thanked her for calling me…Now I’m not in touch with her because she told me that she’ll only call me whenever needed. I respect her privacy… So didn’t call her from then onwards. Any aunty or girl from Hyderabad or Bangalore want to have sex chat or a pleasure filled sex.

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