Wednesday , February 1 2023

Bizarre family

I had been dating this beautiful, sexy, sex-crazed woman
for about 3 months; her name was Linda. Linda was 38 at
the time, 5’7, 125 lbs, with long blond hair, blue eyes,
nice sized tits, a great ass (which she loved fucked!)
and a sweet, shaved pussy, with long pink lips. Linda
loved to fuck, and she loved morning and noontime sex,
not just waiting unlit night.

She loved watching my cock go in and out of her, and
loved to be on top so she could see better and be in
control. It was late June and we were at her place in the
bedroom fucking. She was on top of me riding my hard
cock. Her cunt was so juicy that you could hear her lips
making slurping sounds as she moved up and down on my
shaft. My balls were soaked from her juices.

I’ve fucked many women, but Linda was the wettest ride of
all. We were kissing and I was playing with her tits when
I heard the bedroom door swing open. Linda pulled away
from me, turned her head and sat up. I was still in her
and her sitting up drove my cock deeper into her cunt.
Then she said, “Hello sweetie.”

I couldn’t see who was there yet, but I thought for sure
this was going to be trouble. It’s amazing what can
travel though your head in an instant. Then this
gorgeous, young woman came into view. She was blond and
blue eyed and looked a lot like Linda.

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