Sunday , May 28 2023

Black Girls Get What They Want

“Can you get those invoices mailed out today?”
“Sure. Do you need me to email that proposal also?”
“Oh shit. Yes please. Thanks.”

Having someone to help with the little things was a big
help. I had gone through about five temps before I
found someone who could not only do what I needed, but
anticipate what I needed. Tonya was a good find. She
wanted to do a good job and saw this job as an
opportunity… just a bit of a different opportunity
than I anticipated.

When she arrived, I wasn’t 100% sure if she would work
out. This concern was rooted mainly in the baggage I
had from the previous temps that had not worked out. To
be honest, when I saw she was black, I somewhat
anticipated the “attitude” I had found in two of the
other temps that were also black. Not to say I was
happy with the two temps that arrived that were
white… one was only interested in texting her friends
and the other was more worried about her hair and
makeup than actually working.

Tonya and I hit it off right away. I was pleasantly
surprised with here interest to learn everything and
most of all her desire to help me. I never asked her to
bring me a cup of coffee or make sure fresh coffee was
available when we had clients visiting, but she would
just do it and wasn’t stuck on the fact that it might
be perceived as demeaning. She was confident and she
was only interested in moving forward.

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