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Black Man’s Girl

Black Man’s Girl My name is Melissa. I used to be Mel but that all changed after five years in state prison. I’m twenty-seven years old, five foot six inches with big green eyes, thick ruby-red lips (black guys call them ‘cock-sucking lips’) and a petite build weighing only 125 lbs. Even though I’m slim I have big heavy C-cup breasts that always get in the way. Black men seem to always be bumping into them and apologizing. I got them from years of taking hormones, which was something I wanted to do; it just made me feel better about myself. My tits balance nicely with a skinny waist, my plump ass and wide hips.

They bounce up and down and my nipples stick out a lot, plus from all the years of estrogen my areolas are pronounced and wide, as big as any natural woman’s. Sometimes it makes me self-conscience, especially when I don’t wear a bra. I’ve needed a bra since I’m twenty-one years old, just before I got thrown in a men’s prison. In truth, I don’t resemble a boy at all anymore even though I was born one. I have long auburn brown hair to my shoulder blades, which now that it’s long is very wavy. Sometimes I straighten it because I know with heavy makeup it makes me look slutty. Is that okay to admit? I do secretly enjoy expressing my slutty side and sometimes when I party, like when one of the black guys offers me a hit off the glass pipe, I pretty much take my top off and let any guy, preferably black, do what they want to me. I just got out from prison where I spent five …

years for felony possession of crack cocaine. I’ve spent most of my adult life inside a state penitentiary, and surrounded by big horny black inmates. After my conviction I was sent to a holding cell and then transferred to the state penitentiary. The Corrections Department van was loaded with Black and Hispanic men. I was the only white guy there. They were making nasty comments, telling me how I would be ‘punked’ out, whatever that meant. Processing is a demoralizing experience. First you must be de-loused to prevent transmission of lice or mites. When I stripped naked the guards started laughing. There I stood all pale and white with my C cup breasts sticking out and a line of prisoners gawking. The guards segregated me.

Told me I didn’t need de-lousing because I had no body hair and to just shampoo my head. Then I had to undergo a cavity search. I was told to bend over and grab my toes. A big black guard came up behind me and spread my ass cheeks open. “Sheeet, yo, check out dis bitch, she got a hairless pussy!” “Ooooo-weeee!” said another guard. “S’gonna be a good summa for D Block!” The guard took his latexed finger, swabbed a bit of Vaseline and stuck it way up my ass. He spent quite awhile inspecting my hole just to be extra sure I wasn’t hiding anything. Kinda made these circling motions plus also I could feel his breath on my ass cheeks. I couldn’t help it, all that attention to my body especially my pussy-hole made me leak pre-cum. I was so embarrassed. He slapped …

my ass, threw me my stripes and sandals and pointed to the corridor leading to the prison facility. “Cell Block D, bitch! Das where you belong.” The last I heard they were snickering and whistling as I walked to my new home. I’m very feminine. As much as I wanted to be viewed as another male inmate, I learned early on that was not how it would go. I’ve been mistaken for a girl a lot in my life but never really thought about it until I came to prison. Aside from those looks I described I have the kind of butt the black guys really like, I mean it’s big and padded with plenty of jiggly fat, especially for a skinny white girl, I mean boy, like me.

When I walk I can feel it sway from side to side and I get self-conscious knowing the homies are checking out my chubby backside real estate. I hear whistles and hoots from the blacks. I can’t imagine what they’re thinking, well, since spending seven years in prison now I can. And it is really raw and dirty; they constantly tell me how they can’t wait to get their big fat dicks up my pussy. Yes, I said pussy because that’s what they turned my once-tight asshole into- a wet gushy vagina that accommodates the biggest blackest dicks. I’ve been fucked by niggers so many times my ass simply opens and accommodates them with no bleeding or pain. In fact, and I shouldn’t say this, I like it a lot and sometimes even squirt juice if they fuck me hard enough. It doesn’t help that my penis is extremely small. And my ball sac is so little since …

all the estrogen I’ve injected, it doesn’t even hang, it sits pulled up like a little baby sac just below my now puckered asshole. It’s more like a small bump where my vagina ought to be. Sometimes at night in my cell when no one was looking I’d stick my finger in my hole and squish it around a little. I learned quickly that there is a hierarchy in prison, black men are number one. They’re the superior race and they run everything. They make the rules and you better follow them. Little white boys like me are at the bottom, in essence the black guys were the men and the white boys were the girls, the sissies, the cunts, etc and therefore fair game to all black inmates.

Sometimes they call me that, like when I first came into prison and went through intake, I don’t know why but all the inmates especially the black guys kept grabbing my chest and calling me ’cunt’. And, I don’t really mind if they wanna call me cunt just as long as they didn’t gang Molestation me, which they did! The thing about prison, especially state where guys are doing ten plus, is there’s nothing much to do all day but get high and fuck. For the long-timers, there’s nothing else. It’s not like they feel motivated to get a college degree or anything- this is home for them now, and in the future. So when they see a pretty young thing coming their way, it’s a big deal. It’s practically a cultural event. I had never been around black men before and in fact my family was a bit racist and raised me as such. I’ve said the …

N word many times but when I got to prison and saw these huge beastly black men I was terrified. From the start they had their eyes all over me. I was conscious of every inch of my body because everywhere I went their eyes were on me. I can’t describe the feeling, I was strangely excited and it didn’t help my fat tits stuck out prominently and my nipples got hard when I noticed black men staring at me. I didn’t know what to do. It kind of gave me away and a few times could feel cum leaking from my little clitty, I mean penis. I never really leaned toward other men sexually before but from the first day I had seen plenty of sex and black cock, especially in the shower when I saw three white boys sucking off, and getting fucked by, a squad of black men.

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