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Bobbie Sue, my little sister

It all started the summer my little sis turned 18. I had just gotten home from spending a day at putting up hay, and was tired and sweaty. Bobbie Sue, my little sister, watched me drag my tired butt out of the pickup I had, and must have decided I needed to be refreshed. She had been watering the flowers in the backyard, and sprayed me down good and wet with the hose!! Even tired, I was up for some horse play…so I chased her down, grabbed away the garden hose…and sprayed her right back.

Man….what a shock that was! Bobbie only had on a T-shirt and blue jean cut-off”s, and once I had sprayed her down with the hose…I saw immediately that she was not wearing a bra Her breasts were about the size of large gMolestationfruits, and her nipples were hard andstcking out against the shirts material! I guess my mouth must have dropped open…because she got this encredible quizzical look on her face, and asked “What”s the Ed? You look like you were kicked!!” I didn”t know what to say…but it was obvious after a minute, just exactly what I was staring at!! I had never seem my sis look like that…ever. Well…to over come my own discomfort..I sprayed Bobbie square in the face again…and of course made sure to get her chest wetter, then sprayed myself some more with the hose.

After getting a lot of the water off of myself, y wiping down my chest and pants with my shirt, I headed inside, to get a real shower just to feel human again. After I had dried myself off and combed my hair…I zipped into my bed room and threw on some shorts and a T-shirt, then went in search of food. Back then there were really only two things on my mind….getting off work for the day..and food. Within days of having that little water fight with “Sis” I was to add a third..and wonderful thing to my list!

Off and on, over the rest of the three week haying period, Bobbie and I had little water fights with each other in the backyard. Sometimes our middle brother would get into the fracous, and sometimes our mother would join in with spraying all of us down with water! For what ever reason Mom and little bro never noticed that Sis was braless most of the times we had those fights. Well…haying came to an end for the first part of the summer, and work turned to watering the fields to grow more hay, and off time started to involve trips to the local swimming holes, to relax and have fun. With temperatures running into the 90″s, my sister pretty much decided that she needed to go out swimming with me…just to keep me company. Well I tell you what…I started to learn more about her on those swimm trips, than I ever expected, that is for certain! Bobbie started out of the hose with blue jeam cutoofs and the T-shirt…but once we were swimming, the cutoffs came off, and she was only in her panties and that T-shirt. More than once, while out in the water, sis would jump on my back, wrap her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist, and squeeze her breasts tight against my flesh. It was un-nerving feeling her nipples pressing against my bare skin like that..and usually my cock was hard before she would turn loose of me.

One evening, it was just the two of us out at the river..and we had managed to float a good half mile down from the mainhole that everyone used for swimming in. Bobbie went to wrestling with me, once we were out of sight of the road, only instead of wrapping herself around me from the back, she walked up to me in front, and wrapped me up, pressing her breast into my chest, wrapping her legs around my waist…then getting big eyed..and asking what was that I had in my pocket that was so hard! She turned loose of me with her legs, stood against me, then slid her right hand down into the water, and pressed it against my crotch and feeling my cock…then pulling down my swimm trunks..and wrappping her hand around my swollen dick..and smiling into my eyes! Not wanting to be left out…I told her “fair is fair” and slid my hands under her T-shirt and felt her breast…then popped the shirt up over hear head, to expose her breasts for my eyes to see! After some chasing and some slipping..we ended up on a sandy stretch…where we settled down..hugged each other..and explored each other. Seeing her “bush” wet and bare was such a turn on, I almost exploded without any encouragement from my hand!

After that swim trip, things between us took on a whole new pace. Bobbie and I would steal “feels” from each other, whenever we were alone together. Sometime”s she would let me get down on my knees and smell her bush, and sometimes she would even let my push my tounge into her slit..getting a small taste of her flavor!

Summer came to an end, my job at the ranch changed from haying to taking care of the livestock and learning how to see what was wrong with the different animals, and taking care of those problems. At home things changed too. Our father was killed one night while out working on a different ranch. For the first time, we didn”t have him there for Thanksgiving dinner, for Christmas, or for the New Year. As the oldest “man” in the family, the job of keeping the house up, and making sure there was plenty of firewood to keep us warm during the long cold Montana winters, fell to me. Well…all that ranch work I was doing plus the added work of chopping wood, had turned my body into one muscular physic…and it didn”t miss the eyes of my little “Sis”!!

One night in february, I was sleeping soundly in my bed, (about 9 in the evening)when Bobbie came crawling in under my blankets with me. She whispered into my ear that she was cold and lonely, and needed to be hugged!! Now, all those times we teased and petted each other while spraying water and had never advanced beyond that. Well…as we lay there in my bed, Bobbie had her head on my shoulder and my hand just naturally slide down her back, and ended up cupping one of her buttocks. Well…even though she had on a flannel nightgown, I could feel that she did not have any panties on!! She did not brush back my hand either. After she had been under the blankets with me for maybe 30 minutes, she ran her hands down my chest, whispering into my ear about how muscular I had become with all the work I was doing, and she really thought it made me very handsome and sexy. She proceeded to run her hands down the length of my chest and abdomen, then started slowing sliding her hand across my cock and groin. Before I could react, she had slipped both hands around the band of my underwear, and had started sliding them off of me! While working my underwear down, she started to plant little kisses here and there..on my face, on my chest, on each of my nipples. When I statrted to try sliding her nightgown off of her though…she playfully bit my chest and whispered “NO!!”

Well there we laid, me holding her against my body, with her nightgown between us, but my cock was out and naked, harder than I had ever felt it..and Bobbie was just running her fingers across my bare flesh planting little kisses here and there..yet I was unable to do more than cup a breast through the gown and kiss her on the neck and face. After several minutes of these little kisses, she slid up and strattled me, with one leg on each side of my waist! At that point I was able to slide my hands down the length of her legs, and she allowed me to started moving the bottom of her gown up across her leggs, to her waist! With each litle movement of material, I was able to caress her legs and her buttocks..which felt so soft and warm!! When the gown had hit her hips though, Bobbie sat down, and held my hands from lifting the gown any further. Instead of allowing me to take her gown off, Bobbie started kissing me again, this time though, I could feel her bush sliding across my cock and I could also feel the moistness of her crack as it contacted my cock.

After what seemed like hours, but was only 20 minutes or so, Bobbie lifted her hips just a bit, then suddenly my cock was enveloped in the softest and wettest feeling I had ever imagined ! She had manuevered herself into a position were she had allowed my cock to enter her pussy…and I had yet to even feel her there with my hands or kiss her there with my mouth! Bobbie smoothly accepted the entire length of my cock into her pussy and slowly started to rock up and down, gently massaging my cock with that sweet sweet pussy!! With a qucik movement of her hips, she had taken my own virginity…and given me her”s as well!! I held her in my arms and allowed her to make the movements she wanted, the entire time feeling her warm breath in my ears, on my neck, and across my face, as she planted little kisses here and there.

This went on for close to 30 minutes, with Bobbie moving her hips a little faster with each passing minute, and her kisses becoming frimer and more passionate. Suddenly my cock felt like it was ripping in to two pieces! I was so hard it hurt, and sweat was pouring off my face and my hands were so wet, they could not grasp Sis”s hips!! Bobbie at this point seemed to be hipnotized! She was kissing my shoulder and pounding her pussy onto my cock, then suddenly…I almost sat up right and she bit my shoulder….we were both cumming at exactly the same time..and my cock was buried into her softness as deeply as she could force!! After we both came, Bobbie nestled onto my chest, with her pussy wrapped around my softening cock, and just lay there breathing softly into my ear, and kissing my neck from time to time. Eventually that night I did remove her gown! I got to caress each of her breasts, kissing and suckling each erect nipple…and plunging my fully erect cock into her warm and sweet pussy three more times, before we fell asleep in each others arms!!!

Over the course of the next two weeks, we enoyed our rendezvous”s over a dozen more times, with coupling at least twice and once five times, each night. Our mother had started working 2 jobs that spring, and litle brother was involved in many school projects, so we seemed to have time to ourselves all the time! And we didn”t waste any of the time! We explored each other in the most initmate of way”s making love in various spot”s through out the house, and in various postions. Our lovemaking was to continue for several more years, with the pastion never deminishing! Over the course of those summers, I learned each motion it took to make my sister cum, and jsut exactly how to give her multiple orgasms without ever entering her with my cock!

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