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Boss enjoys his submission too much and must be caged

I was still very sore the following day when I arrived at the office to find Sandra sitting at my desk.

Sandra made me undress and kneel before her while she told me how things would be from now:

“To everyone here you will continue to appear to be my boss and I your devoted PA. But the reality is that from this moment you are totally under my command. You are my inferior and I your superior. Never forget that for one moment. You are mine. You are mine to fear, respect, love, worship and obey. Your little dick is mine too.”

She took a pair of pink knickers from her desk drawer and threw them on the floor in front of my face.

“You will wear a pair of tight lacy knickers beneath your trousers while at work as a reminder of your subservience to me.”

I went to stand up but she pushed my head down with the heel of her boot.

“Not so fast. There’s more. You will receive twice daily punishment. You are to report to me here every morning at 7 prompt for your morning caning. And again every night before you go home. The pain in your flesh will be considerable and serve as a constant reminder of my dominance. Is that clear?”

Perhaps I should have stood up then and told Sandra that I was the boss and sacked her on the spot.

There was nothing stopping me.

But I didn’t.

I couldn’t.

She was right. I was her inferior.

I was under her command. I was her devoted submissive. I was scared of her. And I was excited.

So I nodded:

“Yes Sandra. Very clear. Thank you.” I took the lacy knickers and put them on.

I felt sexy and submissive and eager to please her. I smiled at her and minced a little in my panties.

She just rolled her eyes and sneered:

“Hurry up. I’m sure you want me to complete your punishment before Fiona and Racheal on reception and Alan the production manager get here. Unless you would prefer them to observe you bent over the desk.”

At that point there was nothing I would have liked more.

But I shook my head and said sorry.

Sandra took out a riding crop and made me bend over my desk with my knickers round my knees. She was brutal and businesslike as she administered my punishment. I tried not to cry out but the pain became too much and I whimpered and begged her to stop.

She ignored my cries of pain and only stopped when the phone rang. It was an important call for me from my senior business partner, which she took.

She sat against the desk while she chatted easily to my boss occasionally administering a sharp blow to my buttocks without pausing her conversation. As she was talking I heard the main office doors downstairs open and voices as staff came in.

I went to move but Sandra pushed me back against the desktop while still talking on the phone. Eventually she concluded the conversation, promising she would get me to call when I got in and put the phone down.

“Don’t ever move until I tell you to. You’ve just earned more pain. Now get up and put your clothes on and stop snivelling like a little girl.”

She went downstairs to greet the staff while I put my trousers and shirt on.

All day I felt the tight lace knickers around my dick and the stinging pain in my bottom. I felt myself behaving more submissively and deferring to my employees.

They seemed to notice and in turn become more dominant with me.

I was constantly aroused and erect and when I was alone in my office behind my desk I unzipped my flies and felt my dick in the knickers.

One of the benefits of having a tiny penis is that my erection is small enough that I am able to masturbate by jerking my dick with one finger and thumb inside my pants. So I’m able to wank discreetly. With the stimulation of my tight knickers I was unable to resist the temptation to touch myself. I sat behind my desk and wanked all that day.

Sandra was busy and I barely saw her. When we met in public areas she behaved as normal and I began to long to have a chance to demonstrate my submissiveness to her.

I walked into her office while she was meeting the admin team and she rolled her eyes and asked me what I wanted. I said I’d made some mistakes and couldn’t wait till later for her to attend to me. She said I would have to wait and that I would really wish I hadn’t interrupted her.

At 5pm Sandra strapped me to my desk in only my knickers, which were now stiff and sticky with cum. She turned the office lights off and locked my office door.

She said she’d be back when all of the staff had left.

It was 6:30 by the time everyone had gone. I heard the last voices in the car park and engines as they drove away. Then the sound of Sandra locking the doors and her footsteps on the stairs.

She gave me a lecture about my behaviour. I cried and said I was sorry. She made me beg for my punishment, which I did. Then she untied me, put me over her knee and spanked me with her hand until I cried.

Afterwards I brought up something that had been troubling me.

“How will I hide this from Debra and Amy, and from Dan?”

Sandra laughed.

“I don’t know. And I don’t really care. Your problem Dave. Anyway I’m coming to your house for dinner and drinks tonight; Debs asked me over. So that’ll be interesting!”

The evening was excruciating for me. For a start I could barely sit down because of the pain. Sandra kept patting my bum and asking me why I was standing up all the time, which made Debra and Amy laugh.

They all got a bit drunk and Sandra made jokes about men with little dicks and she and Debs giggled at me. Amy asked what that was about and I went red and tried to give Debra a look to say; ‘please don’t go there’; but Debra just laughed and said:

“Your dad doesn’t want me to tell you that he has a pathetic tiny dick. Why not honey? You still hoping you’d get to fuck your daughter? You pervert! Forget it; that boat sailed a long time ago. She’s all grown up now; aren’t you baby.”

I tidied the table and went to wash the dishes while they chatted.

When I came back Amy was telling Debra and Sandra that her boyfriend had cheated on her despite having a small dick. Sandra had to leave but she and Amy arranged to meet up to talk about men and what to do about cheating small dick boyfriends the following night.

I went to bed early so that Debra wouldn’t see my red raw bum and my lacy knickers.

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