Thursday , June 1 2023

Both girls done,he upped the stakes – Indian Landlord vs The Tenant Girl

Shrek and Fiona were dancing in the meadow while the donkey was looking at them. Suddenly he undid his pants to reveal his large green dick.

I woke up with a start. What a crazy dream! Then all the memories came back. I remembered what had happened between me and Shrek Uncle last night. I looked at myself, and I was wearing the ridiculous “Hello Kitty” pyjamas owned by Neha. I couldn’t remember when I put them on. In fact, I couldn’t remember how I came back inside after his conquest at the yoga mat. Did he pick me up and then dressed me? Or did I come by myself and just didn’t remember? This was Neha’s room, and I was on her bed.

Did it all really happen or was it one crazy dream? What about Neha? Did I dream about her too? I opened my eyes a little and almost screamed in horror.

It was Shrek Uncle standing in front of our bed in his usual topless and Dhoti attire. How did he get in? Was this a dream too? No, it was real. He was staring at Neha like a hungry child looking at a lollipop.

I moved my eyes ever so slightly to look at her. She was snoring with her mouth wide open in the unsexiest way. Uncle wasn’t staring at that. Her nightie had moved up so much that her panties were visible. In our flat before this one, we had to share a room and a bed. Neha moved around so much in her sleep that I had to invest in a pillow between us to avoid getting rolled over.

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