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Both girls done,he upped the stakes – Indian Landlord vs The Tenant Girl

Shrek and Fiona were dancing in the meadow while the donkey was looking at them. Suddenly he undid his pants to reveal his large green dick.

I woke up with a start. What a crazy dream! Then all the memories came back. I remembered what had happened between me and Shrek Uncle last night. I looked at myself, and I was wearing the ridiculous “Hello Kitty” pyjamas owned by Neha. I couldn’t remember when I put them on. In fact, I couldn’t remember how I came back inside after his conquest at the yoga mat. Did he pick me up and then dressed me? Or did I come by myself and just didn’t remember? This was Neha’s room, and I was on her bed.

Did it all really happen or was it one crazy dream? What about Neha? Did I dream about her too? I opened my eyes a little and almost screamed in horror.

It was Shrek Uncle standing in front of our bed in his usual topless and Dhoti attire. How did he get in? Was this a dream too? No, it was real. He was staring at Neha like a hungry child looking at a lollipop.

I moved my eyes ever so slightly to look at her. She was snoring with her mouth wide open in the unsexiest way. Uncle wasn’t staring at that. Her nightie had moved up so much that her panties were visible. In our flat before this one, we had to share a room and a bed. Neha moved around so much in her sleep that I had to invest in a pillow between us to avoid getting rolled over.

Shrek’s eyes moved towards me and I immediately closed my eyes. I guess he was having a tough time deciding whom he should fuck first. This was like that scene in ‘Jurassic Park’ where you had to be absolutely still to avoid getting eaten by the T-Rex. I wasn’t sure if I would feel relieved or jealous if he chose Neha over me.

Shrek was having a tough time, especially when he had two young women instead of his fat wife. I wondered how they even had sex when their bellies clashed against each other. Oh, what a traumatizing mental picture! Change something. Think of Huskies, David Beckham…

While I was trying to bleach my mind, Neha woke up and grinned stupidly at Shrek.

Hello Uncle,” she said sheepishly.

‘Oh Neha,’ I thought. ‘Why do you always have to be so anticlimactic? Couldn’t you have just played along?’

That was the answer he was waiting for, and the overweight T-Rex jumped at her, almost causing the bed to break.

He kept pulling her nightie further up, almost bunching it up near her face. Just like most women, Neha didn’t wear a bra at night thereby exposing her breasts to Shrek. He started sucking them while his hand went inside her panties.

“Ssshhh… Madiha is here,” Neha whispered.

“Don’t worry, she is asleep.” he replied.

“What if she wakes up?” she asked.

“Then be quiet so that she doesn’t.”

“Aannhh…” Neha was about to say something else but ended up moaning. It looked like Shrek had touched a sensitive part of her. She closed her mouth with her hand while he kept sucking her boobs and rubbing her crotch.

It then occurred to me that Neha didn’t tell me of her dalliance with Uncle, and she had slipped off before he took me on the terrace. She still believed that I knew nothing of it, and because I knew what could happen, being the smart one out of the two – which wasn’t that tough as she was dumb as a rock, she didn’t want me to know what she did despite my warnings.

Out of the corner of my eye, I kept watching how Neha was desperately trying to control herself while Uncle was rubbing her like a scratch card. I admired that she had some respect for me, which I don’t she would have had if she knew what I did last night.

Shrek then removed her panties and widened her legs. He pulled out his dhoti to show his thunder thighs and his thong sized underwear. Neha gasped at the tent forming in it and so did it silently. This was even more fun than watching at the terrace, especially with Neha afraid of getting caught. I was getting wet but I couldn’t touch myself without Uncle realizing that I was awake.

Speaking of the devil, Shrek suddenly turned and looked at me and I gave my Oscar-worthy performance of sleeping during a thunderstorm. Satisfied, he moved back to Neha. He took out his hand and then started rubbing his tent over her crotch. Now that his hands were free, he moved one towards me. He pulled down my pyjamas and then I realized that I wasn’t wearing panties.

He tried to remove the buttons of my pyjama top but they were too tough to remove with one hand, especially while sucking Neha’s boobs. So he pulled them hard enough and the buttons went flying revealing my breasts and midriff to him.

Now he was sucking Neha’s boobs while pressing mine at the same time. I understood that he wanted a threesome with us. It’s funny how things turned out – where this creature was getting it from two young hot women. But I was desperately hoping that he would rub my clit instead as I was getting hornier.

Just like he read my mind, his hands moved down and started rubbing my clit. Now it was my turn to close my hands over my mouth to avoid spooking Neha. Uncle had known all along that I wasn’t actually sleeping.

He pulled down his award-winning underwear and started rubbing Neha now with the real thing. Then he slowly inserted himself inside her. Neha was so lost that she forgot to close her mouth and was moaning openly. Now Shrek was humping her while fingering me at the same time. I too was moaning under my covered mouth. With my other free hand, I was pinching my breast.

I wanted some action and something in me. Just like before, he once again read my mind. He pulled his dick from Neha and swiftly moved considering his frame and inserted it in my pussy. I gave a huge scream at this sudden assault.

It happened so fast that Neha didn’t realize what had happened. Already she was irritated at Uncle pulling out in the middle of her fucking, and then she noticed me getting pounded by the same cock. She sat up and looked at us.

“What the f**k?” she screamed, as her mind was reeling trying to process all the information at once. She looked at me with shock and disgust. I wasn’t sure if it was because I tried to be holier than thou before, or because I stole her human vibrator in the middle of the act.

Shrek looked at her and smiled. “Its okay,” he said, and then he threw away the pillow which was like the India – Pakistan border between us. He pulled her closer and started sucking her boobs. Neha looked at me again with a bit of anger and I smiled sheepishly.

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