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Boy Dominates and Fucks His Mother and Step-sisters

In a special hidden land, far away and beyond the scope of prying eyes, a boy named Steven lived a very special life. He lived like a prince in the bosom of an incestuous family harem consisting of his beautiful Mother and step-sisters, as well as a dozen lactating milkmaids whose breasts were always available for Steven’s use. But all was not well in Steven’s harem. He lived his early life as if under the curse of an evil magician, his own Father. The mysterious man, whom Steven had never met, imposed a harsh condition on the boy. Even though Steven had been surrounded all his life by gorgeous naked women of his own family, as well as equally beautiful nursemaids who nursed him at their ample breasts, Steven had been forbidden to have sex with any of the women. His Father’s evil curse stipulated that Steven could not have sex until he reached a certain age. But what age was that? Steven didn’t even know. But he was about to find out.

His Mother was … always the most beautiful woman of them all, no matter what her age.

Every female in Steven’s world was either extremely pretty or downright beautiful. But his Mother was in a whole other league. Her beauty was spectacular. She put all the rest to shame. Her long blonde hair cascaded down past her shoulders in waves of gold. The deep blue color of her eyes contrasted with the peaches and cream complexion of her flawless skin. The only thing more entrancing than her golden hair and perfect skin was her dazzling smile, which could melt hearts at fifty paces. Mother’s slim waist and full hips contrasted with her enormous breasts, with their wide, pink areolae and shapely nipples. Even though Steven saw his Mother naked every day of his life, he never tired of gazing at her beauty.

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