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Boy First Sex

Raj was in his Twenties when he felt the need of a girl in his life. Not only for sharing the bed for sometime but to share his feelings, thoughts & emotions.Tina was a lovely & beautiful girl.She was the only one, he could have thought to fill the empty space in his life.
They both grew up together in the same surroundings & were also attracted towards each other to some extent. Raj when in his 20’s finally decided to propose her and tell his feelings, for her.But he was younger and obviously felt shy & nervous.He didn’t wanted her to marry some other person and leave him alone.

Meanwhile, Raj scored less in english at school and on contrary Tina was superb at it. So,their parents decided that she could teach him for sometime.Now, Raj was extremely happy to spend more time with her.

Everything was going right but as Tina’s parents announced her marriage with someone else,Raj completely broke.He felt as if his soul is being separated by his body.Finally, he decided to tell her about his feelings.

One day he got the chance….when the parents of both the families went to marriage party leaving the two alone for several hours.She was teaching him when suddenly he held her hand.She asked as if in shock,”What are you doing ?”.Without any hesitation, he replied,”Just want to express my feelings for you.””What feelings?”,she asked.

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