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The Breaking of my Muslim wife

The door creaked open and there stood Sofia with her hair a mess, and makeup nonexistent with tears running down her face. Her neck was missing the mangalsutra, and her saree was ripped with her dupatta nowhere in sight.

It was an exciting day, not because I was about to get married, but because of what I planned to do with my wife afterwards in the coming years. I was going to marry a woman named Sofia who recently turned the ripe age of 23. She wasn’t an exceptional woman having grown up in a conservatively religious Muslim family. The reason I was marrying her was not because I was in love with her, but because of her dowry. You see, I was already in love with Anjali, who was smart and beautiful, but her family wasn’t as financially well off as mine, so I was forbidden to see her. But this didn’t stop me, I went to her whenever I could. She understood me and completed me.

So here I was about to get married to Sofia who was a beautiful girl, she had her arms and legs full of mehndi tattoos. Her bare feet were adorned with a toe ring, and an anklet on her ankle which chimed every time she walked. She had this beautiful way of walking while swaying her hips so that you were enticed by it. Her lips were painted red, and her eyelashes were covered in a bit of mascara. Not a lot of makeup, I guess because she really didn’t need it. She was beautiful with long black hair and silky soft skin, which made sense since her parents were rich enough to afford several servants who did all the work. I would have come to love her if I wasn’t already in love with someone else. She was petite, just the way I liked them. It’s really amazing when you have complete control and can move your partner and throw her around in bed.

When Anjali learnt about my marriage, she was upset to say the least. Her beautiful features only made more beautiful with her tears falling down her red cheeks. I convinced her that this was for the best, and the only chance that we could be together. Though I could never had imagined that my Anjali had such a sadistic streak in her, when she came up with a plan. She told me to go get married and love her a much as I could, and then finally break her so bad that she could never get back up.

I did what Anjali told me and here I was a year later with Sofia madly in love with me. I whispered sweet nothings in her ear and started changing her. At first I just hinted that she was so beautiful that she simply had to share her body with the world, and that god didn’t make her so beautiful just to stay covered up. Urged her to put on more makeup than she was comfortable with to the point where she looked like a street whore, albeit a very beautiful one. Throughout all this time I never forgot about Anjali and went to her whenever I possibly could. She was my wife in my heart, and no one could change that. She decided that it was time to finally break Sofia.

So here I was in front of my wife who was giddy with joy that I loved her so much to have brought a maid for her, so that she didn’t have to do any manual chores anymore. By this time, I learnt that our neighbor who lived here for his entire life had sexually assaulted women several times in his life and had served multiple sentences. I guess it made sense since he was so ugly with pimple’s scarring his face, and had black beady eyes with which he often undressed women as they walked by. He also had a rotund belly, and was balding despite being in his early forties. It makes complete sense that he had to Molestation woman to get sex, since no sane woman would ever let him close enough to share the same air as him. His name was Aziz Ansari. It wasn’t my plan, but Anjali’s. I guess she was jealous of how much Sofia was in love with me. She told me that I should give Sofia to Aziz before he Molestationd someone else. I couldn’t say no to anything she said, and agreed that it would be for the best.

Over the next two years I began whittling down Sofia’s belief. I told her how it was her duty to share her body with the world, otherwise god wouldn’t have made her so beautiful. In our lovemaking session’s I’d whisper to her about Aziz and all the things he did. When I asked her how she felt about Aziz, she replied with “He disgusts me, he’s just too ugly and a bad person”. I honed her will down and said how unfair it was that he’s probably going to go to jail again because no women wants him. It wasn’t his fault that he was so disgusting. I could see Sofia beginning to see my way. I told her how it was only a matter of time until he ended up assaulting another women. She agreed with me, and I knew I had her where I wanted.

One day after my insistent pursuit, she finally said that she’d do it, only because she had a dream about it, so it must be god’s way of telling her to do it. So there she was dressed in her sexiest and costliest outfit. She had on black high heels, and an anklet which adorned her feet, chiming with her every step. She had a black saree and a black dupatta, with a mangalsutra covering her neck. Her makeup was on point which accentuated her cheekbones, and made her eyes appear all the more beautiful, finishing with a bright red lipstick on her lips. Anjali was really upset, but at the same time had a wide grin on her face when she saw Sofia. Upset at how beautiful she looked, but grinning at how she would become a whore tonight. Sofia stepped out the door and hesitated and looked at me, as if pleading with her eyes to make me stop her. But I just gave a small smile and patted her head saying “God wants you to do this. He will smile down on you tonight”.

I don’t know what happened after she left, but I made love with Anjali and went to sleep. When I woke up Sofia still wasn’t back, and by 2 pm I was about to go to Aziz’s house. Suddenly, the door creaked open and there stood Sofia with her hair a mess, and makeup nonexistent with tears running down her face. Her neck was missing the mangalsutra, and her saree was ripped with her dupatta nowhere in sight. Surprisingly she was still in her high heels. She had a dozen bruises all along her neck and many more that I couldn’t see. I stood frozen staring at her. She ran a few paces and leapt into my arms and started crying and hiccuping at the same time. By now Anjali was awake and closed the door through which my wife just came. She then went into the kitchen to make some tea, while I stood there and ribbed my wife’s shoulder whispering “It’ll be okay” in her ears. When she calmed down enough, I asked her what happened. She just shook her head and refused to speak to me.

Frowning down at her, I shook my head and said “It doesn’t matter what happened, you belong to him as much as you belong to me now. I expect you to perform your wifely duties for him”. Sofia stared at me in shock and started crying again. “If you tell me what happened, maybe I can try helping”. Anjali decided at this moment to bring in the tea she made, and Sofia finally calmed down after drinking the tea. Anjali was still in the room, and was now sitting beside Sofia with a hand rubbing her shoulders. Sofia didn’t seem to realize that her maid was sitting on the bed. Slowly Sofia began retelling of what happened after she left our house.

Sofia: “I left the house and rang the bell to his house while waiting patiently at the door.”
Aziz: “Can I help you” *While raping her with his eyes*
Sofia: “umm, this is kinda confusing, but i think God want’s me to help you”
Aziz: “Help me?”
Sofia: “… yea, maybe i can come in and explain it”
Aziz: “uh, sure” *Looking confused*
Sofia: *goes in to the house and when the door is closed, turns to Aziz* “Well, you see my husband told me about what you did to girls before, and he sent me here to help you”
Aziz: *Now starting to get angry at being told something was wrong with him and that he needed help* “Help me!!??, FINE you know what you can help me” *Throws Sofia on his shoulder’s and proceed’s to his bedroom*
Sofia: *Screaming* “Put me down you bastard”
Aziz: *Throw’s Sofia down on his bed and starts to undress*
Sofia: “Why are you doing this, I was going to come quietly and please you anyways”
Aziz: *Grinning* “I like it when they scream and struggle while I fuck em”
Sofia: *Starts whimpering and pulls herself to the corner of the bed*
Aziz: *Grab’s Sofia’s ankle and pulls her to him**Begin’s ripping off her saree and throwing away her dupatta*
Aziz: *Kisses Sofia in the mouth while simultaneously pinching her tight ass, so that she’d open her mouth and let his tongue grope her*
Sofia: “mmmmh ughuh” *Tries to speak*
Aziz: *Suddenly get’s off her and show’s her his dick*
Aziz: “You see this?? This is your God now. You’ll worship my dick everyday like a devoted follower”
Sofia: *Stares at the thing Aziz called a dick. It wasn’t very long, but it made up in girth. At about 6 inches girth and 6 1/2 inch length”
Sofia: “No, that’s blasphemy”
Aziz: *Slaps her hard and yank’s her mangalsutra from her neck*
Aziz: “Open your mouth, and worship your God NOW!!”
Aziz: *Holds Sofia’s head and forces his entire dick down her throat*
Sofia: *Gags and feel’s like vomiting*
Aziz: *Start’s thrusting his dick back and forth in her mouth for the next five minutes. Making sure that her saliva coated every inch of his dick since he wasn’t going to use any lube*
Sofia: *Resigned to her fate, stop’s resisting and let’s Aziz push her face back and forth”
Aziz: *Feeling satisfied, removes his dick from her mouth* “Tell me, do you love your god??”
Sofia: *Scared of being slapped again* “Yes” *Nod’s her head and leans forward to lay a little kiss on his dick head*
Sofia: *Realizes that this must be why god had sent her that wet dream about Aziz. The one where Aziz made love to her*
Aziz: *Bark’s a dirty laugh like a Rocky* “You learn quickly. You know, I never believed in God until now”
Sofia: *Starts thinking that maybe this is why God sent her here to make Aziz believe in God*
Aziz: “Now undress yourself, but keep your black high heel’s on. It’ll look sexy when I fuck you like a Rocky in nothing but high heels”
Sofia: *Starts undressing and starts thinking that maybe this wasn’t going to be as bad as she thought*
Aziz: *Stares at Sofia’s naked naturally hairless body* “I’m going to mark as you as mine”*Aziz growls in a husky voice from being aroused*
Aziz: *Throws himself on Sofia and starts making love bites on her neck and boob’s*
Sofia: *Moan’s despite trying not to* “mmh unh”
Aziz: “Does your ass pussy still have its virginity?”
Sofia: “What??!” *Scared even more than she was before”
Aziz: *Slaps her* “You stupid idiot. Did you save you ass for your God, or has it already been taken”
Sofia: *Horrified, with her eyes open so wide that they looked about to pop off* “You aren’t supposed to put anything in the ass”
Aziz: *With an ugly grin on his face* “Turn around and hold your ass open Rockygy style. I promise, I wont touch your ass”
Sofia: *Releived* “Wait put a condom on first”
Aziz: *Shots* “Just hold open your ass cheeks you filthy whore”
Sofia: *Starts sobbing and scared of getting pregnant, unwillingly bends and holds her ass cheek’s open*
Aziz: *Rub’s his dick on Sofia’s pussy**When he felt Sofia start to relax, thrusts his dick into her ass instead*
Sofia: *Shrieks* “AAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEHHHH” *She falls on her stomach on the the bed, where she was previously in a Rockygy style position*
Aziz: *Stays with his dick in Sofia* “Relax. I’m already in you. I’m a part of you now. Accept me in you. I wont move until you beg me”
Sofia: *Crying from the pain, Scream’s* “You ugly BASTARD!! IT hurt’s, please pull it out, I’ll do anything PLEASE!!”
Aziz: *Grins* “Shh, don’t worry, you’ll be doing a lot of thing’s whether you like it or not”
Sofia: *Continues crying*

… 7 minutes later…

Sofia: *Stop’s sobbing,the pain starting to slowly ebb away, as her body accept’s Aziz’s untimely intrusion as a part of herself*
Sofia: *Start’s feeling horny, with her pussy starting to glisten as she gets wet*

TBC whenever I feel horny


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