Wednesday , February 1 2023

Britney is taught a lesson by her Mom

“Goddamn it. These fucking critics, they’re hurting my
career,” Britney Spears yelled as she walked into the
living room, where her mother was sitting alone.

“It doesn’t matter what I do, they’re always burning my
ass in those fucking magazines. Why can’t they just
leave me alone.”

“Why do you care what they say, Brit. Just ignore those
assholes. You know they make a living badmouthing people
who have what they’ll never have. Just screw them, and
do what ever you want to do,” Britney’s mother said
softly as she took Britney in her arms and consoled her.

“You’re right, mom. I should ignore them, but it’s hard.
I can’t pick up anything without reading something about
me or my private life that isn’t even true.”

“You better be happy they don’t know the truth, Britney.
If they did, then we would have a REAL problem on our
hands, wouldn’t we,” mom laughed.

“I mean, just imagine if everybody, the whole world,
knew our love for each other. The world is not exactly
accepting and forgiving of a pure love between mother
and daughter like we have. You would have no life, let
alone career if they knew the truth. Now look at me,

Britney looked up from her mother’s bosom into her eyes.

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