Monday , January 30 2023

Britney makes brother feel good

I was standing in the doorway between the kitchen and
the garage; I’d just got home from a date that didn’t
go as I’d expected… I sighed and leaned against the
door frame for a few moments. Finally I returned dad’s
keys to the hook next to the door so he wouldn’t know
I had used the car while he and mom were away [and I
added gas to the tank, too].

My little sister, Jamie Lynn, was at a sleepover so
she couldn’t rat me out. I closed the door to the
garage and grabbed a bottle of soda from the fridge. I
left the kitchen and hung my jacket on my hook by the
front door and kicked off my sneakers.

I headed to the den. I could hear the TV on which
didn’t surprise me. My twin sister, Britney, was still
up watching TV, sprawled out on one of the sofas in
just a tank top and shorts. You know how us 16 year
olds are, if we weren’t going to listen to our parents
about not going out, we weren’t going to go to bed
when we’re supposed to either. I collapsed on the
other sofa.

Between the 2 sofas, they formed an L-shape along the
walls with a small table in the corner between them.
Brit looked up at me, her thick nipples hard [they
always get like that when she watching a show with
half-naked people] and asked “How was your date?”

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