Wednesday , February 1 2023

Brother and sister are doing the “nasty” when their mom catches them at it

This story was written as an xxx fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

Pam Fulton and her twin brother, David, had been working
for several days now, cleaning out the downstairs
bedroom. It had belonged to Steve, their older brother.
Steve had gone off to college and Pam was eager to get
his room, since it was larger than hers and easier to
sneak back into the house if she was out too late with a

Dave did most of the heavy lifting and moving, while Pam
laid out the room’s decor. Being very close, the kids
laughed, teased and flirted a lot, arguing playfully
over the number of times things were moved. Pam was
wearing her light blue cutoffs, the ones with holes on
her ass, and every now and again Dave took great
pleasure in sliding a finger through to tickle and
fondle his sister’s tight young ass. At fifteen, Pam had
a firm, trim body, and the shorts made her ass look
round and inviting, even to her brother.

With her old room empty, Pam and David cleaned the walls
and windows, then got ready to shampoo the carpet. They
were half way through when their mother came in.

“Hey, great job, kids!” she beamed.

“Thanks Mom,” they chorused.

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