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Brother and sister lose their virginities

This is a story of a brother (Basant) and sister (Bahar) their cousin (Giridhari) and his wife (Manjula). The setting is rural India, the time, month of May. Basant and Bahar have come to the native village to spend the vacation. They meet with Giridhari and Manjula and have first taste of sex.

The story opens with Manjula telling us her version in Part 1. Later on other players will pitch in.

I have used some of the colloquial words in Hindi to maintain the flavor of the atmosphere. I hope non-Indian readers will pardon me. They are:

Lauda : Flaccid adult penis

Lund : Erect adult penis

Bhos : Vulva

Chut : Vagina

Odhani : Half saari, made of long cloth and wrapped around the body.

Ghaghari : Short flaring petticoat reaching usually up to middle of the lower leg

Choli : Skimpy tight fitting blouse

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Namaste Ji,

My name is Manjula Bharejani. I am a happily married woman of 23 living with my husband Giridhari in a small village of Gujarat, India. Giridhari is 25, a farmer, educated up to high school and in prime of his health. We are married five years but do not have an issue yet.

We are very much in love with each other since the day of our betrothal when we met for the first time. Our marriage went on smoothly. Giri, as we call my husband, was very gentle with me on our wedding night. I was a virgin at the time. He had had only one fuck before marriage. He carried on the foreplay for a long time; in fact, till the time I grabbed his lund (erect adult penis) and practically pulled him over me. He teased my clitoris with his lund before entering into my dripping wet chut (vagina). I was so excited with wonderful sensations emanating from my vulva that I hardly felt the pain of defloration.

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