Monday , January 30 2023

Brother offers to let his sister stay overnight

Know what my sister did? She sucked my dick, that’s
what! And because she did, it may have saved her life.
Here’s what happened.

I’m 23, good looking, but shy. Donna, my older sister,
called me up and said that her apartment was being
painted and she wanted to stay at my place overnight.

Naturally, I said okay. Donna is 27, divorced, very
pretty but she says she doesn’t want to get
romantically involved with anyone just now. She
brought a pizza over and we ate and had some beers
then I went to take a shower.

I stepped out of the shower and there was Donna,
sitting on the toilet, pissing. I could plainly see
the dark thatch of hair between her legs and it sure
looked good to me.

“Sorry, Ted, but I just had to take a pee. You know
how I am with beer.” She grinned and said, “Why you
devil! What are you thinking about?”

That’s when I realized that she was looking at my dick
and I was getting a hard-on! I tried to cover myself
with my towel, but Donna grabbed the towel, tossed it
to the floor and grabbed hold of my dick.

“Ooh, nice,” she said as she felt my balls and stoked
me. I tried to pull away, but I’ll admit I didn’t try
very hard. It did feel good to have her hands on my
jewels. “I can’t call you my ‘little’ brother anymore,
can I?” Man, Donna sure as hell knew how to pull a
cock! She was giving me an A-1 handjob that was super
and I wanted her to keep doing it.

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