Sunday , May 28 2023

Camping with my little Brother and Sister

It has been almost a year since my brother and I started getting closer than a brother and

sister should be getting we have been playing with each other and fucking each other almost every day before and after school even after everyone in the house is asleep we would sneak into each other’s bedroom and sleep together and wake up with a pussy and ass full of cum and pee, Ned never really had to use the toilet I was his personal toilet and cum bucket and his little slut and I loved every moment of it.

My mum sister brother and i were all sitting to have dinner i could see Ned squirming and giving me a naughty look i winked at him and asked myself to be excused and had to go do some teenage girl stuff, a few moments later Ned got up to go use the bathroom or other words (use me) we met in my ensuite bathroom i was already naked waiting for him i asked him witch hole is he going to use today my ass, pussy or mouth Ned went to kiss my lips firmly then went on to my clit and rolled his tongue up my slit then bent me over and darted his tongue into my asshole he looked up at me and pointed to my pussy i sat up on the bathroom sink and spread my legs for him Ned moved his face between my legs and started making out with my pussy all i wanted was his dick in me but the way he was fucking me with his tongue was orgasmic i was holding my hands over my mouth to stop myself from moaning i was arching back and forth i could feel myself getting ready to cum i gasped loudly and pushed my pussy outwards into Ned’s face splashing his lips in my creamy girl cum, i watched my little brother swab globs of my cum of his face and pointed his fingers towards me to have a taste i use to taste myself all the time when I masturbated i love the taste of my cum i sucked my cum of his fingers and pushed his cock inside me and told him he better fuck me.

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