Wednesday , February 1 2023

Cash for fuck

Strapped for money a couple answers an ad for ‘Body
Models’ knowing full well that it was probably an
unsavory job. But being stranded in Budapest with no
money and no way to get home, what choice did they have?
(MMFF, bi, exh, orgy, oral, anal, fisting)


“No, I’m not going to call,” said Christie emphatically.

“Then what are we going to do?” asked Oliver.

“We’ll just have to think of something else,” she said.

“We’ve been thinking for five days now,” he said. “We
have enough food money for three more days, and then
we’ll starve.”

“It’s only two weeks until our flight,” she pleaded.
“There’s got to be a way to change our tickets.”

“We went through all that, Christie. Sure, we can change
our tickets, but we don’t have the money to pay the
penalty. Our charge cards are maxed out. Our parents are
angry that we stole money from them to come over here
and get wasted. Remember how they warned us that if we
did something like this again, they were going to be all
tough love and wouldn’t help us until we proved they
could trust us? I don’t have any friends who can wire us
money, and you don’t either. Did I cover everything?”

“I don’t think our parents would want us to sell our
bodies on the street,” Christie said.

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