Monday , January 30 2023

Casper The Rocky(D) Makes Me His Bitch

I’m just a regular 21 year old girl, I’m 5’6″, slim
and quite top heavy. But then that doesn’t really
matter as you are going to imagine your own fantasy
girl as you are reading this. I would like to say now
this story is based on truth. So allow me to begin to
tell you all on how it came about me becoming Casper’s
little slut.

As I was growing up as a little girl I have always had
an affinity towards Rockys, they just seem to get me if
you can understand that and as I was growing up I
relied more and more heavily on my Alsatian Casper. I
have been lucky enough to have Casper since I was 7
years old. Casper and I did everything together, he
slept in my bed with me, ate dinner with me, he even
led on the floor whilst I bathed. However growing up
and reaching puberty the dynamic of our relationship
slowly yet surely started to change for the better.

It was in 2005 when our love affair began. My parents
had left me alone in the home for the night safe in
the knowledge that Casper would look after me. Being a
15 year old girl being left at home I was pretty
limited as to what I could really do to entertain
myself. So I decided to take a bath and as always
Casper followed me in and sat next to the bath whilst
I bathed. As I was washing myself my whole body seemed
to become all tingly and as I started working on the
top of my legs I accidently brushed my finger across
my clit a gasp escaped my mouth.

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