Thursday , March 30 2023


Slave Natalie

When a man or a woman agrees to slavery they accept that a slave is not a person but merely an object, and consent, willingly to give up their privilege of being a human being and become, not even an animal but something even lower an object, a thing possessed by their owner for his or her convenience and use. Admittedly they are a thing which can think and feel …

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Sexual Life Pleasure with Black Cock

Mark and I have been working on ‘spicing up’ our love life. We were in the adult book store as usual on Friday evening. We have been renting DVDs for several months now and we try to find different sexual variations. Our first was different positions, and then we found we learned new positions in the DVDs we rented, some very interesting. We have watched bondage, and some discipline movies. …

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My Wife Wired Fantasy with Big Black Bouncers

My wife is a big fan of Elton John. So when she heard that he would be giving a concert here in our town, she was over the moon. She bought two tickets for the standing arena, the closest to the stage and the most expensive ones, three months before the actual concert. She bought a new dress a very nice body-hugging, curves-enhancing black tube-dress for the event and a …

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The Final Execution of Husband and wife fantasies

“Do you have any sexual fantasies?” Jessica asked her husband, Stephen, while they were laying in bed watching TV. He thought for a moment before responding “Not really…we’ve done pretty much everything I’ve wanted to do. How about you?” “We have done a lot, but there are a couple things I’ve been thinking of more and more lately…but I don’t know if you’d like them.” she said, sounding a little …

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Husband Return home unexpectedly – Wife Gets Caught Redhanded

Tuesday nights were always a little hectic, especially the ‘Second Tuesday of Every Month’. That was my Kiwanis Club meeting, which ran from 6:30 to whenever. May and I didn’t get home until 5:00 and 5:30 respectively. I didn’t have to worry about dinner as Kiwanis was a dinner meeting, but there was always some little thing May my wife of 4 years needed done before I could leave. The …

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Gemma Is Lost, Gemma Threesome Adventure

Gemma was lost, a friend of hers had moved to this unfamiliar town, and Gemma wanted to visit her, but she had forgotten her street directions and now she had no idea where she was. She drove round and round hoping to spot landmarks her friend Patti had told her to look for, but without success. She was becoming more and more frustrated and angry with herself that she had …

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