Wednesday , May 31 2023


Zara Phillips & Her Incestous Relationship

Zara had been asked by her Uncle, Andrew, Duke of York to baby-sit Beatrice whilst he went to a meal being thrown by Her Majesty the Queen. Zara had sulked at first, but when she had been told she would be treated to make it worth her while, she readily agreed. Beatrice was now a very gorgeous 14-year-old girl, and was already developing curves to die for. Zara, of course, …

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Thats How I Made Granny My Perosnal Slut

I had not king turned 21 when I was out driving to the surf beach. On the side of the road I spotted a group of people holding a roadside protest of miss deeds of the Government. I decided to stop and look at their signs and banners, to my surprise the woman in charge was my very own Grandma. I had not seen her for over 7 years. I …

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Mom and son sex in bathroom

This story describes my sexual encounters with my cousin’s mother. Indian sex stories: Mom and son sex in bathroom. When I was living as paying guest with them. For my fourth semester holidays, I got an internship in a company. My parents sent me to my uncle’s place to stay as his home was nearer to the company. I reached my uncle’s home and he greeted me warmly. I dropped …

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My “Uncle” Bill’s Abused War

Hey girl, I’d like to retell you a war story that my uncle told me years ago. My uncle was a Sergeant in the Vietnam war. He was in his late 30’s when this war story happened. Stood over 6′ and weighed almost 200lbs, he was rugged, tough and strong with a big mustache. He was handsome just like … me. He and his men were ordered into a village …

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