Tuesday , June 6 2023

Dad Daughter Incest Stories

Father and daughter have a fun time while mother is away

While the cat’s away the mice will play; or so goes the old saying. Sometimes the way the mice play might not be so nice, and, in fact, might even be considered downright naughty. The mother, aka the cat, left early on a Friday morning, leaving her eighteen year old daughter, and her husband, aka the mice, to their own devices. She was visiting a sick relative out of state …

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A discovery on a hot July day bring a mother and daughter much closer

Beth Wilson walked down the path from the old farmhouse, where she lived with her family, to the river that flowed through the woods. Beth was thirty nine years old, willowy with long legs and soft brown hair. She had a pretty, classical face with a sharp nose and a dazzling smile. Even after three children, she was an A cup and her small breasts rode high on her chest. …

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Mama Does Daddy

“What was that noise,” Brenda whispered to Morgan after poking her best friend in the ribs to wake her up!?! “W-what time is it,” Morgan asked sleepily, “I don’t hear anything, go back to sleep!!!” “Wake up, girl,” Brenda implored once again, “I’m not sure but it sounded like someone might be in trouble!!!” Morgan rolled over onto her side, and after wiping the sleep out of her eyes commented, …

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How Dad Fucked Me When Noone is at Home

Hi friends, this is my 1st story. I m Richa, 18 yrs, class 12th, figure- 34-26-34, wheathish color, location Delhi. I was brought up in a traditional family, knew nothing about sex initially. Meri family me sirf meri mummy-40, papa-45 n main hoon.I was not a sex freak untill That day. 6th june, 2009. Garmi k din the, meri nani ki tabiyat kharab thi, mummy unhe dekhne pune gai thi, …

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Daughter seduces her dad and falls in love with her BFF

It’s been nine years since I lost the love of my life. I met Debbie in college and we just instantly clicked. We got married a little over a year after we graduated. Our great life together came to an abrupt end when a drunk truck driver slammed into Debbie’s car head on. She died instantly. At least she didn’t suffer. I can’t say the same for me or our …

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