Thursday , August 18 2022

Incest sex stories

My Neighbors Daughter

Her bra’s size was 12 B cup and her panties were a size 10 she mostly wore thongs along with and lace panties and lace push up bras. I knew her sizes because I had been stealing her underwear from the washing line for several years. Her name was Melinda and she was a single mother to a very cute young teenager named Jordan. I had often looked through their …

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Great Romance, love and sex between mother and son

It had been two years since Tommy Ritter’s father died. Tommy was sixteen when the tragedy occurred. While Tommy missed his dad a lot, it was no more than his mom did. Their life had been ideal–living in the suburbs, two-car garage, and nice schools. Everything was just about perfect until the accident. Bob Ritter had been driving home from work late one night when a drunken driver crossed the …

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Sister dumps boyfriend, and needs a travel companion

My sister had two expensive tickets for a private bus tour through Southern California. It was the romantic kind of tour where couples would be taken from destination to destination on a large bus. And suddenly I was being pressured to go with her. Plans changed when Christine discovered that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. He begged for forgiveness, saying the secret relationship didn’t mean anything, but Christine …

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I turned my sister into a slut

I was 18 and my sister, Ellie, was 14. Anyway that day at her school it was sports day and she texted me asking if I could walk her home from school. She is really fit, blonde hair, nice ass, and tits that are still growing but looked nice. Me and Ellie were always close as brother and sister, but what happened this evening bought us even closer. As our …

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The first time with my Daughter-In-Law

As the title explains, this is a story about the first time I fucked my Daughter-In-Law. I realize there are some of you who think this is really sick and I guess you’re right but it doesn’t change the facts of this story. Do I regret doing it? Sure, part of me does but if you’ve seen my daughter-in-law you’d also know I would regret not doing it. Before I …

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Bhai ne Bahen ki Jordar Chudai

Mera naam Amit hai aur mai 20 sal ka ek juvak hun. Meri didi ka nam Sangita hai aur uski umar kareeb 26 sal hai. Didi mujhse 6 sal bari hain. Humlog ek Middle-class family hai aur ek chote se flat me Mumbai me rahate hain. Humara ghar me ek chota sa hall/dining room do bedromm aur ek kitchen hai. Bathroom ek hi tha aur usko sabhi log istemal karte …

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