Thursday , March 30 2023

office/teacher sex stories

How i Became a Slut on Overnight at Office – My Office Gangbang

my name is Sonali , I am sharing one of my friend Tina’s most erotic experiences, upon her request as she thinks I have a better narration skill than her 🙂 . I will narrate this story in first person so that it’s easy for you all to read! I am a very beautiful girl with dusky completion who has a very sexy body , 36 26 36 ! I …

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A pretty blonde teacher becomes the main attraction at an interracial party

Miriam Smith looked forward to her Friday nights with her fellow teachers from school. She and several of the other teachers got together for a ladies night out to let their hair down and celebrate the start of the cherished weekend. The pretty blonde wife taught English at the high school and enjoyed her work but she also enjoyed having a good time as well. She was definitely no ‘stick …

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Doctor toys with patients and nurses

6:00 AM, Memorial Hospital. Physicians work long days, and my days are generally no exception. Sometimes mine started earlier than most, in the hospital wards. One reason I like to come in early is because it is quieter. Another reason is that the third shift nurses are still on duty. They are often newer and more vulnerable. Mr. Blodger, one of my patients, was eighty-two and looked it, but yesterday …

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Kinky office affair

I had just gotten back to the office from a late lunch meeting with a senior client and was quiet please with how everything had played out. I was sure the deal was final and we were guaranteed some additional business here on the west coast once all of the paper work was signed. I have been working as a sales associate for one of West Coast top design firms …

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Office Secretary force into a sex slave

“I don’t see that you have much choice, Miss James,” Alex said, leaning back into the heavily-padded, monstrous swivel chair behind his desk. The chair was made of rich black leather and it’s back reached high up over her boss’ head, reminding Sharon of a seat for some stern judge who might slap her into chains. The frightened young woman squirmed uncomfortably in a small chair at the front of …

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