Thursday , March 30 2023

School/College Sex Stories

A high school senior teaches his sister’s friends the moves

My eighteenth birthday didn’t feel very different to me. It was a Wednesday and I still had to go to school. My family wasn’t going to celebrate my birthday until the weekend so I really wasn’t expecting much. A senior in high school, I hadn’t even gotten a date yet. The most I had done was make out a little bit with Mary Jane Kapinsky at a party. I was …

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School Teens Fucked by Old Man

Nazma was now very much worried. She knew she has been already drawn into the racket. But she could not really blame Aasmaa. Aasmaa never compelled her to do anything. She worked slowly and sweetly. Now her boobs have become bigger. But still she was very lean and looked very small. No one would imagine she was having sex, that too with two boys. Vicky and Mahesh had her several …

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A young girl explores her sexuality with family and school friends

Hi, I’m Beth. I’m 15 and in the ninth grade. I think I’m reasonably cute, nothing special, but I’ve never had a boyfriend. I think it’s because I just don’t have any tits. I have a very slim body, only weighing about 105 pounds and shoulder length brown hair. But I have almost no tits. I can’t even fill out an A-cup bra. I mainly have some pointy nipples sticking …

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The high school slut was looking at me

It took only a second for me to recognize her at the other end of the bar, because she looked the same, even though I hadn’t seen her for 20 years. I felt a stirring at my crotch, and it made me laugh to myself. Catherine was turning me on as if I were still a pimply teenager. I had aged a lot more than she had, and I wondered …

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I Fucked School Sexy Teacher

I had a my friend wife in my school Saritha . She is a busty woman 5″8′ . Her Figure Like these 36-26-36 . Her ass was wide enough to attract every man’s dick. Saritha was my my friend wife in high school and I had a big crush on her. I used to stare at her when she used to teach us. Sometimes, I wanted to have her as …

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Schoolgirl learns submission from her domme schoolfriend

It began on Facebook. Well, what story doesn’t nowadays? I was looking through people’s updates and I paused over a friend’s photo of a trip to the zoo with her boyfriend. Some of her other Facebook friends had left appreciative messages and it was one of those that caught my eye. Not the message, which just said “Gorgeous!” (which indeed the photo was): the name. Belinda Stokes. I knew it …

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Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 8

[Image: Jaya-after-bath.jpg]

She went near the door and slowly open and search there. But not find anyone there. She think may be Shekhar uncle will go back. She come out from her flat and walk towards shekhar door. Soddenly someone caught her from behind and close her mouth.  J : mmmmmm….. She try to scream but sound not come outside. She really frightend. She try to escape from his grip. But he grabbed …

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