Sunday , May 28 2023

Caught by Mom, siblings pull her in

Now I’ve been in tight spots with my parents before. I wrecked Daddy’s car when I was sixteen. I had to explain why the police picked me up for Drunk and Disorderly after I graduated from High School and once had to explain why my boyfriend of the moment was naked in our back yard. I even fast talked my way past explaining why I got fired from a summer job at the local Dairy Queen (I was having a little girl on girl thing with the boss’s wife!). But how does one explain to one’s mother how and why her son had just filled her daughter’s pussy with a massive load of hot sperm?

My baby brother, Danny still had his massive prick buried in my spunk filled pussy, the last spurts of semen bathing the walls of my womb. I could barely speak as I tried to clear my head from the tremendous orgasm still echoing through my body. I could feel my large breasts swinging slightly as Danny made a few last involuntary thrusts into my body. Both of us were staring at our mother, standing in the doorway to Danny’s room.

Mom was wide-eyed and red-faced, her expression one of shock, anger and something I couldn’t quite pin down. Of course, I was a little preoccupied, what with a large cock still buried inside me.

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