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Celina Jaitley And Amisha Patel Spend A Night Together!

There was a film-shooting going on Celina’s hometown. She wasn’t expected to be on the set. So she went to her house to spend time there. She owned a huge mansion and was more than you could imagine.

It was one of his ex BF “GIFT.” Celina pulled up to her house and walked in. She took her shoes off and lay on the couch. She yelled as she could relax from traveling and matches.

She rubbed her head and stretched out on the couch.

She wanted to have some fun on her spare time. The last time she had fun was with Amisha Patel. They went to a movie and dinner.

She called Amisha and hoped to have an answer. She had the urge to hang out and have fun and rest.

Amisha: Hello?

Celina: Hey Amisha whats up, its Celina?

Amisha: Hey whats going on?

Celina: Why dont you come to my place for tonight?

Amisha: Great! I have to do some shooting though,

Celina: Come over after?

Amisha: Ok if you want.

Celina: Great, I’ll show you how a Bengali women spends a night!!

Amisha (laughs): Yeah…i guess.

Celina hanged up. It was 5:30 so Celina went to her huge bed and fell asleep.

When she awoke, she woke up to find her skirt hiked up so high, her pink thong was exposed and her sexy smooth legs were fully seen.

One of her huge breast had popped out of her bra.

It was 8:45 so she went to the living room to watch Movie. She walked down the hall smashing her breast in the small tight bra.

Celina watched most of tv and when it was 10:05, the doorbell rang.

Celina opened it to find Amisha. Amisha smiled and Celina said “Hey What’s up? U look damm sexy tonight”

Amisha said “Alright, I got a huge pop for it all the guys were checking me out !”

Amisha went to the couch with Celina. Amisha said,Salman pinched my boob hard and left a mark! Celina joked that he wanted to grab a nipple.

They watched the end of TV show and Celina decided to take a shower.

Celina invited Amisha to take one and Amisha said you take one first. Celina said “That’s alright come here.” Amisha followed.

Her sexy ass moving as she walked into a bathroom. It had 2 showers with walls blocking both of them. Celina said “I’ll get the right one, you get the left.”

Amisha grabbed her bag and walked in the shower and closed the door. Celina did the same.

Celina undid her bra strap and let her huge breasts fly out.then her thong and revealed the most sexiest pussy ever. It was a fat pussy, which meant more good stuff. Celina started the water and rinsed her body off.

Amisha had stripped down to her thong and left it on. She let her body rest as water splashed all over her boobs. She had the sexiest and tannest body ever.

They both talked about different things as both washed their hot bodies off.

Celina got out first and out on some short short silk pink sleeping shorts, and a silk tanktop. Her sexy legs were shown and her huge boobs popped out.

She opened Amisha door and looked inside. Amisha was washing her body off.

She closed the door and went to her bed. They had to share one tonight.

She got under the covers covering her sexy legs and she watched the roof.

Amisha put on some short short white sleeping shorts and a shirt. She looked so hot. She had the most sexiest, tanniest, juiciest legs ever.

She walked to Celina bed and got under the covers. Celina turned the lights off.

Amisha yawned and got under the covers. Celina said ” Amisha, you did great tonight” Amisha smiled “well?”

Celina asked Amisha something as it was “GIRL TIME”

She asked if she ever thought about Priyanka Chopra?

Amisha said “yeah,i like her and she is really attractive.

Celina said “hey guess what? one day i went to see Priyanka and i saw her panties! They were white and were so damn hot.”

Amisha smiled and said “Lara Dutta changes in front of me like nothing when we shot last movie.” Celina said “does she shave?”

Amisha said “no, she has a mid bush and it looks soft.”

Celina smiled and said, “she needs to start, pretty soon she will have it exposed in the movie while wearing skirt.”

Celina and Amisha soon felt tired. Celina fell asleep first. Amisha was so tired and bored.

She shook Celina and she was out cold. Amisha got under the covers. She had a big huge ass and tan legs that were smooth and soft ,easy to lick. She peeled Celina ‘s pink shorts off her skin and slowly pulled down her panties.

Celina had a small bush with a tan and pink pussy.

Amisha smiled as she tickled Celina pussy pubic hair.

Amisha stuck her finger up her pussy and fingered herself till she cam.

She moaned as cum dripped on the bed.

Celina woke up and said you okay v?

Amisha couldn’t hold it and yelled “OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHH!” Celina turned over fast and saw Amisha fingering her self.

Celina said “stop!!” Amisha moaned in amazement. Celina pulled down Amisha ‘s panties and rubbed her pussy. Celina then began to lick Amisha ‘s wet vagina.

Amisha moaned as Celina licked her pussy hair and licked all of her sweet cum.

Her pussy was sore from her sexy finger. She slammed a hand into Celina ‘s shirt and she began to fondle with her breasts.

Amisha sqeezed and yelled in shock as they were so huge and firm.

She yelled as pussy juice leaked on Celina ‘s face. Celina mumbled, “Your pussy smells like strawberry.”

Amisha yanked Celina ‘s shirt off and pulled the bra down and saw Celina ‘s huge breasts and nipples. She sqeezed and moaned as Celina licked the shit out of her.

Celina got up and pulled Amisha ‘s shirt off. She began to suck on her hard nipples and fingered her pussy.

Amisha could smell Celina ‘s breath and smelled her own pussy.

Amisha pushed Celina down and pulled the shorts down her sexy big thighs.

She then ate out Celina. She cam fast and yelled in amazment at how fast Amisha could lick.

Amisha grabbed her ass and stuck fingers in her pink hole.

Celina grabbed Amisha s huge boobs and rubbed them fast.

They got in the 69 position and licked each others pussy. They both yelled in relax. They both bit and sucked and licked till they both cam.

Celina got under the covers and went back to sleep. Amisha continued to rub her ass all night.

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