Tuesday , March 21 2023

Charmaine becomes a toilet slave for Allan and Angie

Angie Sloan went home that afternoon QUITE happy, knowing that she had altered her neighbors’ marriage for the better. She also knew that she was getting BOTH a slave and a master out of this, since the newly emancipated Allan Dumont had proven more dominant than expected. It had simply taken the right kind of persuasion, in the form of a teenage lover who gave him back his confidence and self-esteem.

She got her stuff ready for the mall, as she had planned a trip there with Allan. They weren’t too worried about Charmaine, who was tied, spread-eagle, to the bed in HIS bedroom (he had fully resumed occupancy of it). They intended to look for some things, including some lingerie for Angie, which she would wear for Allan’s benefit soon.

Mrs. Sloan hardly paid attention to her daughter’s mood as the latter left the house, except that she seemed QUITE determined to meet a “friend”. She simply assumed that this was a girl friend, not a man. That was another good reason to visit the mall. It would be a great alibi for the young woman to use on her parents. Since Angie was not the wildest kid in school, there was no suspicion on her mom’s part.

No longer afraid of anyone catching him in anything, Allan made no attempt to hide the fact that the gorgeous 18 year old with the jet-black hair was his lover. Most people either assumed that he had left Charmaine, didn’t know about his wife in the first place, or regarded it as justified payback for the affairs that Mrs. Dumont had flaunted in front of them. That was the benefit of being known as the wronged party: no one blamed him very much for taking a “mistress” (Angie found THAT euphemism hilarious, given their TRUE relationship).

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