Monday , January 30 2023

Chauffeur drives the boss wife home when she gets drunk at a party

“Michael, could you help me?”

It was Mr. Dietel, my boss. “Of course, sir.” I jumped out of my car
door to see my employer half-dragging his wife from the open elevator.
Thea was obviously quite intoxicated and not in control of her own
faculties. I lifted her free arm and placed it around my neck; the
middle-aged woman was cradled between us.

“Seems like my wife had a bit too much to drink.” He always had a way
of stating the obvious. This was not the first time he left an
important party because of his wife’s drinking problem. “Thea should
go home” – of course she should – “but it looks like I may get the CMK
contract tonight.” He sighed. “If I play my cards right.”

I opened the rear door to the limousine. “It’s no problem,
Mr. Dietel. I’ll drop her off then come right back.” He looked

Up until this moment, Thea Dietel had been inanimate. She spoke with
slurred words. “I don’t want to go home, Michael!” She turned her
head towards her husband. “Let us go find a nice hotel and fuck our
brains out like we used to?” It was my duty to ignore the private
words of my employer and his wife.

“Now, dear.” He let her go so I could manipulate her through the door
of his huge car. “Michael will make sure you get home all right.”
She made a rude noise as her answer, while I was not amused with the
task of handling his drunken wife. “I’ll be home later tonight, dear,
after I get that contract I have been working on.”

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