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Cheated and discarded Indian wife ends up with a Stud

I could not believe what I was seeing. After the initial few minutes where it was impossible to decipher what was unfolding before my eyes – probably due to my heart pounding so hard – however, one thing was clear that I have deserved this.

Payal, the woman who loved me so much that she gave me her heart and body (and who I ‘used’ for my sexual needs all those time) was in a state of ecstasy that I never had been able to provide her with.

Her eyes were closed, head moving slowly from side to side, she was biting her lips (between moans and groans); her hands were spread on the sheet which she was clenching with her fingers. Her lovely thighs were spread wide by the elbows of this stud of a man who had his monster of a cock buried deep in Payals, tight pussy (it had to be the tightest, she had only been with me so far and I was not even half of what this giant cock was in both length and width); her lovely breasts swaying with every thrust of her lover. I watched in awe as the giant cock would move out, stretching her tight pussy and sucking her pussy lips out along with it, shining with her pussy juices (and the lube), all the way till I could see his cock head, then go all in, forcing her pussy lips apart. He would go all the way out and Payal would sigh out aloud, and when he would push it in she would groan even louder. He did this slowly, tormenting Payal all the way, would suck on her nipples which were as tight and big as I had ever seen them. Then suddenly without any warning start pumping her hard and fast driving her crazy. As if all this was not enough, whenever he approached her mouth, she would stick her tongue all the way in and groan and run her hands all over his head and back.

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