Wednesday , May 31 2023

Cheated My Boyfriend To Have Sex

I am Nitz, 25 years old, working in Dubai. To brief myself, I am really short, just below 5 ft, medium size (34-32-34), milky fair skin (my friends calls me milk beauty in college). This is the story of how I cheated my boyfriend.

I was 22 when I started to work in Dubai. I use to travel by private bus from home to the office. There are other people who travel to the same place but working in different offices.

My boyfriend Shane was not into a job yet and he was on a job hunt. I made new friends in my workplace. There was this guy named Rihas whom I met just randomly on the bus. Later as we met daily, we became friends.

Rihas was 33, working in a bank. He was married and had a child too. His wife and child were back in their homeland. I introduced Rihas to my boyfriend Shane.

As days passed, we came best friends and would travel together to office and back home sitting together on the bus. We lived in the same area. We use to chat and even started phone conversations after reaching home too. Even my Shane knew our friendship.

My boyfriend was not a possessive type or didn’t restrict me from talking to other guys.

I was a silent curious girl in my college days and Shane was my first boyfriend. Shane was a freak funny and attractive guy and we were in a relationship soon. I was staying with dad and when dad goes for work, he would come to my home. We spent time together, he would cook for me and watched tv together.

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