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Cheated My Boyfriend To Have Sex

I am Nitz, 25 years old, working in Dubai. To brief myself, I am really short, just below 5 ft, medium size (34-32-34), milky fair skin (my friends calls me milk beauty in college). This is the story of how I cheated my boyfriend.

I was 22 when I started to work in Dubai. I use to travel by private bus from home to the office. There are other people who travel to the same place but working in different offices.

My boyfriend Shane was not into a job yet and he was on a job hunt. I made new friends in my workplace. There was this guy named Rihas whom I met just randomly on the bus. Later as we met daily, we became friends.

Rihas was 33, working in a bank. He was married and had a child too. His wife and child were back in their homeland. I introduced Rihas to my boyfriend Shane.

As days passed, we came best friends and would travel together to office and back home sitting together on the bus. We lived in the same area. We use to chat and even started phone conversations after reaching home too. Even my Shane knew our friendship.

My boyfriend was not a possessive type or didn’t restrict me from talking to other guys.

I was a silent curious girl in my college days and Shane was my first boyfriend. Shane was a freak funny and attractive guy and we were in a relationship soon. I was staying with dad and when dad goes for work, he would come to my home. We spent time together, he would cook for me and watched tv together.

I had my first sexual experience with Shane and he was good at it. He was 5’5, with above-average dick of 7-inch. He was a great kisser, knew where and how a girl felt in each part of the body.

Then sex became frequent in our relationship. He then introduced me to the world of porn and we would watch it together at times. And it started to create sexual fantasies inside me.

Coming back to the story. As days passed, I and Rihas became very much close. It was a New Year night. After the New Year fireworks, my boyfriend dropped me down of my building and I was about to take the elevator. Rihas called me that time and said that he was outside my building and wanna meet.

We met and I saw that he was drunk. I scolded him and then later we talked. After a few minutes as I was about to leave, he told me that he has a new year gift for me and asked me to close my eyes.

I closed my eyes and suddenly, he gently bit my cheek. I could smell the alcohol on his lips. I was shocked, but then as a joke, I called him ‘idiot’ and hit him on his arms and went back to my room. But then on, I started to think weirdly about him.

(To describe Rihas, He was a 6 ft 4-inch tall guy, masculine body structure, dark choco brown skin. I was just barely 5 ft and was tiny in front of him. I have watched porn where a tall guy fucks a short girl. These things made some kind of tingling sensation in my mind).

So it was after a few days from New Year, my dad went for work and Shane was out with friends. Rihas’s travel card was with me. So to get that, he came along with me to my house.

So I gave him the card and he was about to leave. But then he stopped and walked near to me and stood so close to me. As he was very tall, so I had to look up to see his face.

He held my face with both his hands and said to me, “I know you are in a relationship and all, but I can’t stop myself from telling that I like you”. Saying this, he was on his knees. Now our heights were almost the same.

He hugged me and kissed the side of my neck. I just stood there for a few seconds and then regained my senses and said to him, “This is wrong.. please stop!” and I started pushing him away from me. But he held me strong and kissed on my cheeks and then on my forehead.

I kept saying, “Stop..this is wrong..” and then he said, “There is nothing wrong in this. This is just a matter of feelings”. Then he straightway kissed my lips and started to smooch me. He inserted his tongue into my mouth and was sucking on my lips.

I pushed him and asked him to leave. He didn’t say anything. He just left.

Then on reaching his room, he called me and said sorry. I said it’s okay, leave it.

Later he again got more close to me and I too got comfortable with it. From then, after office, we both reached home by 7 pm (my dad would reach only around 8:30 pm). Rihas comes to my home along with me and as soon as we enter the house, he locks the door and we hug and start smooching. This continued for a few days.

During that time, my boyfriend got a job and had to travel to India for visa change. He went for a week. Also my dad had some property sale and he had to go to India for 5 days.

I was staying alone at home for a week and knowing this, Rihas asked if he could come. I said it is okay and in no time, he was at my door. We sat on the sofa talking. I was wearing a t-shirt and trouser that was above my knees. He too was in t-shirt and shorts.

Then we began to hug and kiss. We were smooching so wild that we were forgetting our relationships and his family. Like a newlywed couple, we both were in heat.

He whispered in my ears, “It is okay, nothing wrong in this. Even married people have extramarital relationships, so don’t worry”. I got up and walked to the kitchen. In my mind, I was like, give it a try, calm down. But I was nervous.

He came behind me to the kitchen. He held me to stand close to him facing him. He made me wrap my arms around his neck. Since he was tall, he put his hands on my ass and lifted me up in the air. I wrapped my legs around his hip like a vise.

I was almost in mid-air and I felt his power which lifted me easily. He started to smooch me while holding me in mid-air. Then he slowed down and made me stand on my feet. He slowly started to enter his hand inside my t-shirt, touching my side-hip and tummy.

While smooching, he started to touch and press my boobs above my t-shirt. He was feeling and touching my belly button with his fingers.

After all this, it was night and he was about to leave. He asked me, “Anyways, dad is not here. Can I stay with you for this week?”. I didn’t know what to tell..but an excitement inside me made me tell, “Okay”.

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